Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011

Just dropped Sofia at school, the "vacation" week is finally over! HOORAY!

We did indeed get a blizzard. I stayed in pajamas from Saturday afternoon until Monday. AHHHHHHH. Nice. Did very little.

So after the relaxing days of the blizzard, I ventured out into the real world with my children. First stop, grocery shopping and ski pants for Micah. Which also included a tantrum from Sofia. UGH.

Most of the week is a blur. Took them roller skating one day with my friend and her kids. That was ...hell... But the boys enjoyed it.

Took the boys and A to see "Tron: Legacy" on afternoon. Had to run out in the middle of the movie to get a coffee.

Friday night, however, was tremendous. Lovely. Had several other families over for delicious food and a wonderful time. (Pot luck, so I can say it was delicious, since I didn't make all of it.) Great way to ring in the new year and celebrate Shabbat.

Actually got off to shul in the morning. Saturday afternoon Sofia had a playdate, finally, with her friend from school. The mom and I have been trying for over a year to schedule a playdate!

Sunday, we all went up to Salem, to the Peabody Essex Museum. Gorgeous. But Sam was in a mood, and museums with Sofia usually means I run around chasing her and then sit and watch her eat a snack. Yup. One day I'll go back to all the museums I have run through in the past 10 years and see everything I missed.

Ah. Now they are all back in school. YEAH!