Friday, June 24, 2011

Made it through the week

Monday morning, directly to my doctor for sinus and ear infection meds. Whew. Sofia managed to pee in her pants on the nice cushy chair in the examining room :(

Monday afternoon, glorious day, so dragged the boys plus one extra to the pool for the first time. All had fun, especially my little fishy-girl. She LOVES to swim! But man, I felt yucky.

Let the boys watch a movie nearly every night this week. Don't really remember which ones.

Tuesday, babysitter bagged, so take all three kids to the orthodontist for Sam's first braces check, and then to the pediatrician for Sam's 12 year checkup. Thank heavens the pediatrician's office was empty, so doctor, nurse, and office administrator could all pay lots and lots of attention to my three needy children!

Home for a while, then to the Farm. I love my farm share. But it was HOT. And Sofia was grouchy...until she found the nice shady sandbox in the children's garden. Then we couldn't get her to leave.

Dropped my friend's half of the share off, then a quick stop home to put veggies away, and then dragged them back to the pool again. This time Samuel did not even leave the office. He did not want to swim. Ok. But the rest of us did. And it was nice to see Sofia play with one of her preschool friends.

After swimming, Tae Kwan Do, and then sushi. Couldn't find my credit card, had to walk over to the bank to get money to pay! Yikes!

Wednesday morning, movies. Micah's teacher had invited his class to come see Mr. Popper's Penguins, which they had read in school this year. Sam and the other older siblings went to see Green Lantern. He said it wasn't very god. Mr. Popper was cute, Sofia liked it, but the class was disappointed that it was nothing like the book.

Dropped the boys at a friends' house for the afternoon, and took Miss Sofia to MWJDS to meet with Hamenahelet (the Head of School). The new kindergarten teacher used to be an assistant for a young man with Down syndrome, and she is eager to experience Sofia. So currently it looks like the plan will be 90% public school, but trying to get a couple of afternoons a week at the day school. Both the new kindergarten teacher and the learning specialist really want the chance to teach Sofia, so they will develop a curriculum for her about the Jewish holidays, and work with the public school to provide backup support for what she learns in public school.

not sure how this will work monetarily, or logistically. Still tiptoeing around. But they are trying.

Dropped Sofia at gymnastics and went on errands and to pick up the boys. She does much better when I don't stay to watch the class!

Went out like a grown-up with a friend for dinner. Thank heavens I found a last minute babysitter.

Thursday was quiet. I had a massage (YEAH) in the morning, so the boys got to babysit their sister (daytime is fine, and at 12, Sam is old enough to be official!). Sofia went to a birthday party in the afternoon, so the boys and I did more errands. Trying to get ready for camp. Sam's name labels did not arrive until today (Friday), so I had to go find some alternate labeling options!

Today we started packing (finally!) and then went to see Cars 2. It was EXCELLENT! Shopping afterwards. I got a 2TB hard drive! I had a $45 rewards certificate at Best Buy, and it was too cheap to pass up. I'm so geeky.

Sam's head impacted with Micah's knee, as they were diving to retrieve the shoe Sofia threw across the floor, so he's got a massive headache. We spent some time at the bookstore, too, but then home. Finally got "Tangled" for Sofia. She's been talking about "long hair princess. castle! horse!" since November.

So my head still hurts but not as badly as earlier in the week. Now Sam's head hurts. It started raining Wednesday, and doesn't look like it will be stopping for a few days. Packing for camp has begun. And I have lots and lots of disk space!