Sunday, June 19, 2011

"So How Are You"

Ain't THAT a loaded question! This week, I have been somewhat honest when answering. Which is not so great:

1. Sofia is likely going to Public School rather than the Day School.

2. David has been gone since Wednesday, first to DC and now in Israel until next Monday.

3. Which means he missed Father's Day.

4. And will be missing our 13th anniversary on Tuesday (although maybe missing "Lucky 13" is ok...).

5. The congregation where I have been cantorial soloist for the past 15 years has hired a new rabbi...who prefers to work solo. So for the first time in 16 years, I will have no High Holiday gig.

6. My relatives have decided that not only must my grandmother's 100th birthday celebration be held in Florida (flying 35 people there is easier, apparently, than flying one spry old woman up here), but that it MUST be held on October 22. Which is the one day in October I cannot make it, since that is the day of the Bar Mitzvah of the young man whose father recently committed suicide. You know, my best friend's son. Sam's best buddy. Gotta be there. (Ok, the plus side is that I'll go visit my grandmother some other time and NOT have to deal with relatives!).

7. I have a sinus and double-ear infection. And no meds yet. (Hopefully tomorrow).

8. There was a dead mouse in the garage this morning. Poor critter likely took one look at the mess in the garage and dropped dead from a coronary. My neighbor was brave enough to come over and dispose of the critter.

9. It's school vacation week. All three kids are home. All week. ALL week. Really.

So. That's my answer to "how are you?" And why I blog.

Thanks for playing...