Monday, June 6, 2011


Ok, sorry I have not posted a follow-up. It's been really busy and I just could not organize my thoughts around the school issues. Still having trouble, but at least i can give a summary:


The proposal from Gateways turned out to be really about $70,000 per year (BEFORE tuition) when you included what they would also charge the school. Thank you for playing. The lady from Gateways then sat in the meeting and asked if I had considered taking Sofia to SHAS, the Orthodox day school in Sharon where another child with DS is already a student. I pointed out that I do not actually own a transporter beam, and already have two kids at MWJDS. The school psychologist actually asked me "Well, what's wrong with the public school?" I let her have it. There is NOTHING wrong with public school, and the schools here in Ashland are actually very very good, especially for Sofia. But we are a day school family. (The principal, of course, spoke up for us!).

Ultimately, the day school is suggesting a split day next year - Sofia would get all her acadmics and services at public school and then spend an hour or two at MWJDS being part of the community.

The public school team totally "gets" that we want day school, and are happy to work with us, but we do have to make sure that whatever we end up doing is BEST FOR SOFIA.

So there is no resolution right now. In my heart I still want her at the day school, but my brain is saying it's likely we'll just forget the whole thing and only send her to public school.

Which makes me want to cry when I type that.

Ramah Family Camp

Over Memorial Weekend, the five of us (yes, really, all five of us!) went to Family Camp at Camp Ramah New England. We got there Friday in time for Shabbat, and stayed until after lunch on Monday.

It was wonderful.

Hot. Muggy. Buggy. Hot. Occasionally wet. But Really Really terrific.

Met lovely people, including someone I consider a new "best friend". You know how sometimes you just click with a person, like you were friends in a past life? Yeah, well I found one of those.

David RELAXED. In fact, Sunday morning while I was in Arts & Crafts, he sat in the camp library for an hour. Sunday afternoon, the two of us went canoeing.

Sofia had a great time in the "Gan" (which is Hebrew for "garden", i.e. Children's Garden/babysitting). The two boys spent most of their time either on the tennis court (who knew!) or on the field playing Frisbee.

I went crazy in Arts & Crafts. By Monday morning, when the art teacher was late, I was actually running arts & crafts!

I also gave a short d'var (speech) at Shabbat afternoon services. Shabbat was lovely, very relaxing.

[NOTE: If these pictures are wider than the text of this blog, please REFRESH your browser) - they should all fit nice a tight, but sometimes Photobucket doesn't remember the edits I made!]

David watching the boys:

Sofia (and Princess Tiana) taking a break in the screened in porch by the lake:

Cookie Break:

Hot & sweaty Sam:

My girl:

Ready for tennis!

Micah being silly with David:

Micah was our team's champion for Family Trivia. Note Sofia's strategic seating:

My boys at Campfire:

June is Here

Sofia's preschool had Field Day last week, and I got to help out. It was cute, although she was crabby and does not like to be outside in the hot sun. Here she is gearing up for the Clown Race:

Ready to go:

Off she goes!
(she was supposed to turn around that cone...instead she just kept going!)

Hot girl getting water with Mama:


The Big Kids

This Saturday, Sam and his classmates were invited to the Bat Mitvah of a former classmate. We all met at A's house and her dad drove them. I could not believe how big these kids have gotten!

My Little Man:

The Four (note A ready to punch Sam...):

Just for reference, here are Sam and A at the end of First Grade:

and Sam and R and another friend at the end of Kindergarten:

Ok, gotta get Sofia off to school, then FINISH the yearbook - it's going to the printer today!!!!

And today I wish my husband a most wonderful Happy Birthday, even though he's in NYC for the conference this week!