Friday, September 9, 2011

End of the Week

Yeah, we made it through the week. It was a little rough, and a lot of wet!

Let's see... the pool party on Monday was lovely fun, except Sam and A got into a terrible fight. So we have decided the families need to take a break (we can still have grown-up time!). We will keep the two kids apart as much as we can, given that they are two/thirds of their entire class!

Tuesday, I "worked" in the morning, going to tefillah (morning services) with Micah's class. Micah was the leader. Unfortunately, Micah also did not feel good at all. A few hours later, I pulled him out to go to the pediatrician. Turns out he had an ear infection. AND his thyroid was enlarged, so then I had to take him over to the hospital lab (our peds does not do blood work). Still waiting for results, which is frustrating.

Raced back to school in time to teach the 5th grade - they ROCKED, which was cool. Then back to pick up Sofia, then back to get the boys (which was insane, 'cause even picking Sofia up a few minutes early, I was very late for the boys).

We have since worked out the pickups. My friend J will pick up the boys on Tuesday, so I don't have to race, and on other days I will pick her up 20 minutes earlier. Whew.

Sofia LOVES Kindergarten! (In both schools). She even loves Breakfast Bunch. Every time I say "Kindergarten", she says "Happy". It's wonderful. And she transitioned between the two schools very very easily.

Sam hit his head on the ground at the pool on Monday (he was trying to balance between two chairs. Then he hit is head during recess on Wednesday. Then he hit his head during gym today! UGH. Massive headache, poor kid, but so far he's ok.

Wednesday was crazy. I had a dentist appointment, then race to get Sofia and bring her to the day school. Drop her and race to Micah's class for my 1:00 session with them. Micah's class was ...uh...more as I had expected them to be (DIFFICULT!) this time.

After school Wednesday (so nice to have all three kids in one place!), we drove Sam home, because he had a ton of homework, then back up to Framingham. First dropped Micah at his gymnastics place, then took Sofia to hers. Both have 4:30 - 5:30 classes. Places are 10 minutes apart... After class, picked them up, home, quick dinner, and bar mitzvah student.

Today I took my boys and my "Friday Child" (extra kid, regular Friday carpool) home, plus Micah's friend A (another A, I know...). We walked up to pick Sofia up at school - it's finally lovely out again. The kids played, and then David came home.

Now David and Sam are on their way (in David's new toy) to Western Mass, to drop Sam off at a camp friend's house. He's going to a Bat Mitzvah in Pittsfield tomorrow. So I have Micah and his friend, plus Sofia; we are meeting friend's family for dinner in a little while.

Have to go play Monopoly now...