Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Week

Friday was a little smoother, but not before I got in a fight with my mother. So that's been hanging over my head all weekend. But it is what it is.

Friday evening, instead of a real Shabbat dinner, I let me wonderful friends talk me into joining them at a local Chinese restaurant. There were 14 of us (yeah, David made it home from Israel in time!), so it would have been too crowded to pull off a last-minute Shabbat at home. It was fun, but LOUD, and crazy. Who told us to have all these kids?!

Sofia was wearing her new tutu, which I had bought that afternoon in preparation for the dance class she will hopefully be taking.

She wore it all evening into the restaurant, but fortunately I convinced her to change before dinner was served :)

Saturday morning we went to shul. I attempted to get Sofia to stay in one of the childrens' services. She just could not concentrate. First we went to the K-2 class, where one of her MWJDS classmates was. No go. She was too busy moving books around and ordering people to change their seats. So I took her to the preschool service, which she usually does ok at. No such luck. She would not pay attention, kept requesting the Gummy Bear song, and was too wild for the littler kids. I ended up with her and Micah out in the courtyard, throwing leaves down the storm drain.

It was interesting to see. I'm not sure if she's just wild now because she's getting used to Kindergarten schedule, and needs more down-time than she's getting. Or is this another major shift, a split between her and her peers?

That afternoon was Ashland Day, the town carnival/event. There are booths advertising all the local businesses, booths for all the school activities, and a bunch of bounce house type rides. Sofia had a grand time on one of the slides, going over and over and over again. But she could not concentrate on anything else. Many classmates and school friends came up to say hi to her, but she would generally not acknowledge them.

The nice thing about Ashland Day is that the boys can go off with their friends. Sam had three of his best buddies, who both go to the public school, so he took off immediately. It took Micah a little longer before he found his friend, but once J arrived, they took off together. We made the boys bring their own money, although I did buy lunch for Micah. Sam was completely independent, and very happy. Ah, cell phones!

Sam's friend came back to the house with us, and when his mom arrived, I invited them both to stay for dinner. She's a wonderful lady, and an old friend of mine, too (her kids attended the day school for a few years in the early grades). It was nice to get to see her again.

Sunday, David took Sofia to TWO birthday parties. It was a busy day! Again, Sofia had a lot of trouble concentrating on much, and was very easily distracted. I hope this is just a "getting used to the new year" thing.

I dropped Micah at J's house, and they went to MiniGolf with Kadima (the junior youth group from the synagogue). He had fun, despite having a massive allergy attack the night before (from pollen). Poor kid. If I could "fix" anything about any of my children, it would be Micah's allergies, no question.

Sam came with me as my helper to teach a tzitzit tying workshop at the Reform synagogue in Framingham. It went well, although much faster than the two and a half hours they had scheduled. I was glad to have Sam with me; he was a good helper. And his friend's cousin was in the class, so he knows her.

As soon as the class was done, I got a blinding migraine. Had to wait int he parking lot until I could drive! So home to nap under a dark blanket. David took Micah into Newton to pick up kosher Chinese food for dinner - yum. Lots of leftovers for tonight, too.

Taught three classes in half an hour this morning! Gotta figure out the schedule better. Of to pick up Miss Sofia for her transition from public to day school now.

Here's a slide show from the past couple of weeks: