Thursday, September 15, 2011

That Didn't Go As Planned...

Well, today was an "epic fail". Thursday is supposed to be my day for myself. I had planned to get errands done in the morning, including a manicure/pedicure, then do a yoga class at noon and then meet up with a friend for a few hours.

Well, first I was awake 2am - 3:30 because of Miss Sofia again.

Got the kids to school, blew shofar at the day school (we blow shofar every morning for the month before Rosh Hashanah).

Drove off, thinking I would run a couple of errands before the nail place opened at 9.

And noticed that the Temperature gauge on my car was all the way to maximum H. :(

My air conditioner has been failing for the past several weeks, which I was mostly ignoring. Then I realized that it also controlled the defroster, which I could not ignore. Last week I'd done a price check at the place I usually go. I had planned to go tomorrow to another place near home.

Well, fortunately last night I'd spotted a coupon for an AC Recharge, and had it with me. So off I went to Direct Tire in Natick.

And waited a while, before realizing it would take another hour or so before they even knew what was going on.

Not wanting to miss out on my mani/pedi, I walked to a different place - Nails & Co. in Sherwood Plaza. Nice place, but pricier than Nails 2000 or Tokyo Nails.

At least I got my mani/pedi mostly done before Direct Tire called back.

Large hole in Radiator. Radiator - and associated hoses and things - needed to be replaced.

With the coupon, it all came to.... $1398.00. Yup. Unplanned expense.

AND... they needed the car until 4:30 pm.

Which meant I had to swap a carpool for the boys (thanks, M!). And figure out Sofia.

Fortunately, my friend who I'd planned to see came up anyway. We met at the mall, had lunch, shmeid around, then went to pick up Miss Sofia at school. Home, watched Shrek (and I fell asleep - second time I've fallen asleep on a playdate this week!).

When the boys got home, I got all three kids settled, and my friend drove me back to Natick to get my car. I LOVE that Sam is old enough that I can leave them all home for a quick errand! Still wouldn't leave them at night (speaking of which, can anyone babysit on Tuesday night next week?!). But for daytime, it's a big help.

Got the car, paid the money. At least now it's working (well, except I still need to get the transmission fluid changed - this is the third place that's told me to do that).

Home, to a MISERABLE 12 year old. He can't do his homework by himself, but id I don't do all the reading and writing for him, then he doesn't think I am helping him. And if I ask what he needs and he doesn't answer, and I start doing something else, like playing with Sofia or making dinner, then he gets angry. And he wanted to clean up the basement RIGHT NOW so he can move down there and get his own room, 'cause he's the ONLY one in his class (of 6) who has to share a bedroom.

Oh, woe is me. Get over it, kid!

Nope. MISERABLE. Culminating in his swearing at his brother, and then me taking his phone away. Indefinitely.

So, I would like to go to sleep now, and have an easy day tomorrow. OK?


Tracy said...

Sorry you are having such a rough time. My air conditioner went out in August (just in time for my girl weekend trip which was an 8 hour drive away) I was never so glad to get anything fixed as i was that ac. It cost $800 to repair and we were actually happy, because the first place had given an estimate of $1000. Hopefully, things will go smoother for you this weekend and next week. It is always something, isn't it?!