Thursday, July 26, 2012

Logan Airport

The alarm went off way too early! But we got ready, and Steve The Limo Guy showed up at 6:40am. Ride to airport took less than an hour ( and was quite fun, peppered with Steve's observations about life and driving). Checked in, got through security with minimal hassle. Once through, Sam started to relax a little, but he is still super-anxious. Boarded early. And then deplaned. Ground delay in San Francisco. So we are back in the terminal waiting to board again. It is still gonna be a loooong day!


Earnestine Novick said...

You seem close with Steve. Is he your regular limo guy? Nice! You’ll be spared from the occasional awkward moments inside the car. Although you are relatively farther from the limo chauffeur, it’s still nice to get to talk with someone. Having a chauffeur you trust does provide you with peace of mind. :)

Earnestine Novick