Friday, July 27, 2012

Thursday, July 26

After several days of not going to sleep until nearly 2am, I finally got to sleep "early" last night, at about 1:00. Alarm went off at 5:45 - ugh. Had a moment of panic in the shower, thinking we had forgotten to run the dishwasher, so that woke me up. Fortunately, David had done it.

Got the kids up and ready, made instant grits in a paper cup for Sofia. Steve The Limo Guy showed up at 6:45 to start loading us up in his giant black van. He is a native New Yorker, still with a very thick accent after decades in Boston. Very very funny and friendly guy. The whole ride in to Logan was a riot.

Got to Logan plenty early. Checked in - Sofia loved riding in her wheelchair, but also alternated walking. Sam was freaking out about going through security, but that went smoothly (as smoothly as can be expected with 5 backpacks, a wheel chair, a car seat, two pillows, and 5 pairs of shoes and liquids bags).

Settled in to chairs, and took turns foraging for food. Micah was a little punchy, but he calmed down once he ate. Sofia was excited to see the planes and anxious to get on one already.

We were the second party to board, letting an elderly gentleman with a wheelchair on first. Got settled. Then had to get back off the plane - “delays on the ground in SF”. Waited around, flight was delayed for about an hour. Got back on in the same manner.

And I guess the flight was smooth. Mostly, Sofia (and Micah a lot) kept saying “Mommy” and demanding my attention, and Sofia went to the potty what seemed like once every 20 minutes. I managed to get a few 10 minute naps in, but nothing major. For a while I switched seats with Sam, who was across the aisle with David, but most of that time, Sofia kept calling me to come back. She watched 2 videos on her machine until the battery gave out, and most of two videos on my laptop. Boys watched the flight movie (Clash of the Titans) and played their games and read. David read and watched TV.

Sofia did not like the descent into San Francisco. She was ready to get off the plane, and the pressure must have hurt. But she was a good girl, and we were, of course, the last ones off the plane.

My awesome cousin Bruce met us in Baggage Claim, and we loaded in to his SUV, which he is loaning us for the weekend. The drive up to San Rafael took over an hour, but was lovely. Madlyn (his awesome wife) met us at the hotel. It was really lovely to see them both. They went off to run an errand, I took a shower, and we stretched for a bit. Micah was bouncing off the walls the entire time after leaving the airport, so David took the boys down to the hotel’s fitness room to burn off some energy.

Met Bruce and Madlyn for dinner at Pasta Pomodoro in Novato. Yummy food, and fun to be with them. The kids ate well and behaved fairly well. Of course they also mostly fell asleep in the car on the way home. We got everyone up and into bed - Sam’s on the pull out couch in the living room (we’re in an Embassy Suites) and Micah and Sofia are sharing a double bed. Everyone’s asleep except me. Must have had too much Coca Cola on the plane (not counting the can that spilled all over me - gosh, that made the trip so much more comfy!), or gotten a second wind.

Plans for tomorrow: breakfast and pool/gym/hanging out at hotel until noon. Muir Woods and Mt. Tamalpais. Then back to see Bruce and his many collectable cars. Then off to Napa to stay with Adam and Agnes.