Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our Sheltered World

Hmmm. This Public School business is going to be ... different. I am used to my children's friends' parents being like me. Like-minded on things like food and behavior. Healthy food. Good, polite behavior.

And then there is public school. Now, many of the kids are great, and so far all the parents I have met have been fine. But so different from what I'm used to!

Sofia attended a party this afternoon. It was lovely, in the child's home. Themed for Halloween. There were various stations to play games, and after each game you could take a prize. There were buckets of candy and buckets of toys.

Many kids took one or two items each time. Ok.

But I watched as some of the kids dug in with both hands and practically shoveled the candy into their own buckets.

I was kind of appalled. And no one said a word.

I'm just so not used to the Candy. I hate candy. Micah is allergic to so much, and it's just so darn bad for us. I allow a little bit, so they don't feel deprived, but I don't keep a candy dish filled, and I don't encourage candy consumption. When the kids get home from trick-or-treating (if they even bother to go), I make them sort out the candy and only keep a small amount. (And I admit, a couple of times I froze the extras and handed them out the following year!).

The other thing that was weird for me was the football-worship. I'm just not used to it. Oh, my husband and sons like football. They will watch a game, especially if the Giants are playing. But we're not Sports Fans. We'd rather DO than Watch.

So I'm always boggled by the amount of time, money and energy the rest of the country seems to spend on football (or baseball).

Ok, done with my little mini-rant. I spent a few lovely hours in the Sukkah this afternoon, enjoying the last of the nice weather. (It's raining now). It's gonna rain tomorrow for the Buddy Walk. Boo Hoo.

My children are stressing me a bit more than usual. Sofia was not all that cooperative at dance class this morning. After I had to go in and get her back on track twice, one of the other moms told me I should just go sit down and relax and read my book, and she promised she would call me if I was needed. I SO appreciated that!