Monday, October 29, 2012

Weathering the weather

Well, it's certainly an indoor sort of today! The kids are still in pajamas (it's nearly 2pm). I only got dressed because I still had my podiatrist appointment this morning (ganglion cyst on top of foot; I am SO glad it's finally gone!). I took David to the Logan Express bus at 4am, and he is now safely in Minneapolis, waiting for his conference (he's presenting on Wednesday).

So far we still have electricity, so everyting is charging, and Sofia is watching PBS.

Micah's a little freaked out by the trees waving over the family room (which has skylights on the ceiling), so he's back upstairs. I'm cozy in my big green chair. Even enjoyed some ice cream.

It was a busy week. Last week, after David took Sofia to the reading group (and I posted about friendship), David continued to pester me about everything the school is doing for Sofia. By late night we had a 2 page list of questions to ask. I did a lot of chatting with the teachers and specialists over the week. Madame Sofia is doing FABULOUS. Apparently she has completed the time-telling unit, and totally 'gets' it. She's reading so much, and her language is just exploding.

In Swimming and Ballet and Gymnastics, she is super-focused and doing great. Big change from only a few weeks ago. It's all just clicking for her.

And she does have TONS of friends, including a little boyfriend in Breakafast Bunch. Very cute.

So that Saturday afternoon, after the reading program, we ended up at Walden Pond with our friends. And on Sunday, we met more friends, this time a couple whose daughter also has that extra special chromosome. We hiked at the MA Audubon Society, Broadmoor in Natick. Beautiful day. Picniced and played until well past closing. The kids had a blast. But it was very interesting seeing Sofia and Miss K, who is only a year younger. K is super-verbal, but since she does not have older brothers who are part monkey, she's not nearly as physical as Sofia. And seeing the DS temper in stereo was certainly ...

The lovely views:
 Dads and Daughters:
 David and Sofia - that's supposed to be a smile:
 Girl Fight! (Notice how Sam just stands by and watches...)
 Fight continues, Mom K steps in, Sam steps away...
 But later, the girls got along, and Sofia tried to give K a lift.

 My children, and a tree.

 K gives Sofia the Heimlich? Or a lift up...
 Ah, a peaceful moment.