Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Simchat Torah, Buddy Walk, and a Photo Book

Tonight was the big blow-out Simchat Torah celebration. Temple Israel does a great job, with a Klezmer band and lots of dancing. The crowd seemed larger than usual, possibly because it was a holiday weekend (Columbus Day) as well.

Sofia had a grand time. She danced so much, and I saw her hold hands with many different people, which is unusual for her. She was very happy. And she got to be on the bimah as much as she wanted!

Sam and his friends got to carry the Torahs as recent b'nai mitzvah students. Sam looked so handsome.

Micah had a blast with his buddies. He is such a happy guy these days.

David even had fun, talking with E & D and M & J, who are our good friends.


Yesterday was the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk, in Wakefield. It was fun. David wasn't home yet from New Zealand, so he missed it (didn't get home until after 10pm). But we had 15 people on the team anyway: me and the three kids, my friend N and her two, DB and his three, my parents, and Hamenahelet (the former head of school) and her grown son (who happens to have Down syndrome also).

I made bright orange kerchiefs for team Sofia's Fans, and with the Buddy Walk's jade t-shirts, they looked terrific.

I had to return the borrowed wheel chair on Wednesday, so we were back to the jogging stroller. And we did not find out until we got to Wakefield that both rear tires were flat! No one had a bike pump - we asked police, fire, EMT, and event organizers, as well as several random strangers. So Sofia had to settle for a bumpy ride - which at least encouraged her to walk a bit more of the route than usual.


And I spent a large portion of my free time in the past few days finally making the photo album from Sam's Bar Mitzvah. Here it is:

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