Monday, November 5, 2007

It's all "Relative"

Whew. We survived the weekend. And what a whirlwind it was.

After school Friday, Micah had his 6 year checkup. My babysitter met us there and took Sam home so they could do tutoring, and I took Micah and Sofia on some errands after the doctor's office. They both got flu shots.

Friday night was nice - a mom and her 2 sons from the day school came for Shabbat dinner, and we all had a lot of fun. But about 30 minutes before they arrived, both Sam and Sofia popped feers (Sofia's was probably form the flu shot, but I don't know what's wrong with Sam). Saturday morning it was pouring rain out, so we slept late and I made challah french toast for breakfast (yum!).

And then the fun began. We spent the weekend visiting with David's family. But that's not nearly as clear-cut as it sounds, since his father won't talk to/be in the same building with David's sister or either of David's grandmothers and especially not my parents. Sigh.

So that means we:
1. Met his parents at a youth soccer game (in 40 degrees and pouring rain), so they could present the trophy in memory of David's brother Larry (who was killed by a drunk driver when he was 13). Of course my in-laws were 30 minutes late, and my FIL had to make a big rambling speech, in the rain. I sat in the car with Micah and Sofia for an hour, because it was just too cold for them.

2. Went to an early dinner with my in-laws. But it's much easier for them to sit around and talk than it is for the kids. So after about 2 hours, the kids started getting really restless.

3. Sat in the car for another 20 minutes with the kids while David and his parents continued talking ouside in the cold (at least it had stopped raining).

4. Spent the next 3 hours at his maternal grandmother's house. Grandma R feels the need now to divest herself of all her "stuff" - and she's certainly got tons of "stuff" - so we came out of there with about 6 paintings, 2 shoe boxes and a large shopping bag full of "stuff". It was kind of fun. I'd rather get the important things now, while she can still remember the stories behind them. She gave us the kiddush cup her parents used at their wedding; I'll put a label on it before I put it in the cabinet. Oh, and Laura stopped by, so we got to see how the belly is growing.

5. Got to my parents' house at 9 pm to sleep over. Of course, we couldn't tell my inlaws where we were sleeping - they had suggested a hotel. When David finally did tell his mother, she didn't understand why we'd go there. (Uh, it's free, it's 10 minutes away, and they're my parents!). Sigh. But I had a nice visit with my folks, and the kids had fun.

6. Sofia, having stayed awake until after 10:30, then had night terrors at about 1 am, so I pulled her into bed with us. Then her nose got really stuffy, and she didn't stop moving and thrashing all night. Not very restful for any of us.

7. Left my folks' house at 9:30 to go meet my inlaws for a Lion's Club pancake breakfast. Of course they were late, and Sam was stressing about going into an unknown place (the Senior Center) with a lot of people. It was ok, 'though, and I got to see some friends of my parents, which was nice.

8. Then we went to visit David's paternal grandmother, who is going senile and is very angry at her son (my FIL), so all she did for 2 hours was rant to David. I let David and Sofia stay in the overheated house with her, and the boys and I played outside for 2 hours.

9. Our quick run to The Crown, the kosher meat market in West Hartford, was longer than expected due to a VERY slow deli counter, but I got to spend time with just Sam (the others stayed in the car), and saw some more family friends.

10. Then an hour drive south to David's cousin's house. This was my reward, because I really like his cousin, and the boys have fun playing with her son. She was due last week, but hasn't popped yet, so we all kept yelling at her tummy "Come out baby!". Her aunt and uncle and cousins were there when we arrived, so it was nice to see them for a little while.

11. We stayed until 7:30 (I'd brought deli), and got home around 10pm.


Oh, I won a pair of silver earrings in the Bloggy Giveaway!


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

You are always sucha busy woman. You wear me out just reading it.

My son's dad lives near you. He is in Meriden, CT.