Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day

Sam reminded me this morning that it was Veteran's Day, and he warned me that he would be drawing lots of pictures of guns amd weapons today!

We had Micah's parent-teacher conference. I dropped the boys off with a friend for a playdate (two brothers, both best friends with my guys), and Sofia stayed in the babysitting in the gym - she was thrilled to have the run of the place.

Micah is doing REALLY well in kindergarten! I love this teacher, she's so enthusiastic and so on top of his needs. Because the school tries to specialize in "differentiated learning" (i.e. each kid learns at their own level), she's giving Micah lots of more challenging problems and activities to work on, but she's mindful of his frustration level. He's a really intense little guy. I'm happy (and not surprised) to report that he's a classroom leader, and he loves to get up and explain things to everyone.

We have Sam's Team meeting on Thursday. It was tough for David and I not to "compare" the two boys - some of the stuff that Micah is doing so well is still really hard for Sam. Som of the "age-appropriate" stuff didn't surprise us this time around, but I remember wondering about it with Sam.

This morning, Sam and Sofia were watching a Signing Times video, and Sam asked me if he sister would ever talk. When I reminded him that she already does talk, and has 40 verbal and 100 signs, he said that wasn't like "real" talking. Sigh.

Oh! The Concert! Well, first we all went to a restaurant in the North End (Italian section), and had a fantastic time. (We also had 4 bottles of wine for 8 people!). My friend R and I agreed that we could have stayed there all night. It was so much fun to be with these friends. And the "extra" couple that we had invited, David's friend from day-school and his wife, hit it off just fine with the other two couples; it turns out their daughter went to camp with J's daughter last summer!

The concert was funny/fun. I swear, there were only about 12 people under age 30 at the Garden. I also have not been to that part of town in years, and have never been to the new building (last concert I saw was at the original Boston Garden in 1987 - John Cougar Mellencamp!). So I was totally disoriented by the lack of overhead road and T-tracks!

The band sounded...well, like they were playing a charity concert for their drummer (who did earn his keep by working very hard). The hands of a 50+ old guitar player are NOT meant to be shown up-close on the giant screen of the arena! And Sting wasn't going for the high notes, which meant some of the more a-tonal songs just sounded plain old off-key. It was a little painful, musically. But fun.

We didn't get home until 12:30, much to our babysitter's chagrin, because J&M wanted to go out for drinks after (which was fun). And both David and I have tummy aches today (probably due to too much wine!), and David's already asleep; I'm not far behind...

Oh, here's an updated picture of Miss Sofia, that I took for a post on the T21 website today:
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