Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Life in Suburbia

How is it that, just as Sofia and I were about to start walking around the Mall, the fire alarm went off and we had to leave the building?

Why is it that we were seemingly the ONLY ones to leave? (a friend of ours made it down 63 steps in the Twin Towers just in time because he left when the alarms started, so I don't mess around with fire alarms!)

And how come I managed to exit as far away from our car as possible, including having to walk down 6 ramps of the "Diamond" parking garage?

Ah, the joys of life in the suburbs.

Oh, and since David was coming home late from New Hampshire today, I took the kids to Friendly's for dinner after Tae Kwan Do. Yippie. They do not serve things like Vodka at Friendly's. Too bad.

Oh, and Micah's teacher mentioned to me that Micah was...thoughtful...today because one of his friends' great-uncles had died and now all his friends' great uncles are dying. Micah can get very deep about death sometimes. We're not quite sure whose uncle is dead - possible his friend "Fire" (Fire is an imaginary person, but do NOT mention that fact to Micah!).

Here's Sofia, watching Muppet Show clips on YouTube:
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