Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Nice Young Lady

I took Micah and Sofia to the playground today, for some much-needed fresh air and exercise. David and Sam went for a nice long hike around the reservoir.

While we were at the playground, a family came in with a pretty little 10 year old girl, who raced for the swingset. At that moment, I was de-sanding Sofia after she'd practically buried herself in the sandbox (I picked her up and got a faceful of sand from her coat hood!). The dad came over and started chatting with us, and it was clear that he knew all about DS. Yes, his daughter is also chromosomally enhanced. And such a lovely young lady. She came over to meet us, and remembered my name from that moment on. We kept chatting, and she helped Sofia on the slide and climbing the stairs.

It was so nice to meet a young person (not a toddler) with DS. She was a honey, and gave me a kiss on the hand when she met me and a big hug when we left.

Tonight David and I are off to see The Police. He's napping now, while I'm supposed to be doing Hebrew homework. The boys have a friend over, and Sofia is trashing the house (as usual). Can't wait for the babysitter!