Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of the weekend

Once again, a busy week but with not much going on. I was sick all week; I still have a "productive" cough, but it's much much better than it was. Poor Micah is having a tough time, too - I think he has a bit of what I had, because he's also coughing a lot.

Can't remember much of the week. I was glad to get all three off to school on Tuesday after the long weekend, and I went straight for a massage - ahhhhh. She spent over an hour just on my back, and we needed more time to get all the knots out. Ouch! Tuesday afternoon was the usual Tae Kwan Do, etc., and I spent all my free time finishing up the yearbook.

Wednesday was a bit of a whirlrwind, especially since I didn't feel good. I did get to rest while Sofia was in school, but once I picked her up, the day was non-stop. Came home for a quick lunch, then off to Temple Beth Am for the last Yom Tov preschool program. Unfortunately, we missed her favorite song because we were late. After the craft project, I ended up playing gym teacher for 9 preschoolers, organizing a game of Giant Balloon Ball. It was a good workout, but a bit tough with the breathing issues.

Raced from there to the day school to meet with the IEP coordinator. Great news - the Curriculum Coordinator is willing to be Sam's tutor over the summer, and will go meet him at camp! YEAH! I guess she dropped some subtle hints at our pre-IEP meeting, but I don't usually "get" subtle! Whew. That's a huge relief - she's good, she's trained in the reading program (Wilson), and it'll give Sam some continuity.

When I had arrived at school, Sofia had already fallen asleep in the car, so I parked in the staff lot where I could watch her from the window. And Micah wasn't feeling well, so he spent the last hour of school in the nurse's office. I was late getting out of the meeting, so Sam was on the playground being watched by my friend K.

We let the kids play for a while, then K and his wife and I took all 6 (they have 3 between them) to the mall for dinner. I got to take Sofia and Micah and Micah's best friend E. It was hysterically funny to watch the two 7 year old boys rambling through the mall. I had to stop at the bank machine, and they sat on the bench singing "Sisu Et Yerushalayim" at the top of their lungs!

We had dinner at the mall together, then back to school for the Science Fair. Oh, I'm so glad that's over. It was a long, but nice, evening.

Thursday was just as busy. Dropped off the boys, then raced back to drop off Sofia, then raced into Newton to meet with my grad school advisor and one of my professors from this semester. My advisor is leaving the school, and this professor will be one of my Capstone Project advisors. I only need one more regular course, and then my project, which will be about the Biblical and Rabbinic texts related to teaching people with learning differences.

It was a good meeting, and my new advisor loaded me up with a lot of materials, which was great. Raced back to pick up Sofia, got home for a fast lunch, and then the rabbi from the shul where I do High Holidays came over. She wanted us to start working now, because she'll be away all summer in Israel. We got a lot done, and feel more comfortable that the last few weeks before the holidays will be more manageable now. Plus, it was really nice to see her!

Friday was a holiday - Shavuot. Sam had his first session back with the public school psychologist, so David took him to that, and then the little ones and I picked him up. We stopped at Honeydew for breakfast before heading to shul.

My friend from my grad school program joined us at shul, and it was nice to sit with her. My friend D also came, and I was able to hand Sofia over to her daughter and Sam for the children's service, so I could stay in the main sanctuary.

There was some drama, involving a harried usher and a lot of people making noise, and it was a loooong service, but otherwise nice. Nice lunch, too.

Relaxed at home, then had dinner at D&E's house, which is always fun. After dinner, we watched "Night at the Museum" (the first one).

Saturday, I was all set for all of us to go to shul, when I remembered that Sofia had her reading program and then I had to go to Temple Emanuel in Newton because we were honoring a friend from choir. Raced to reading class - we were 30 minutes late, and Sofia just marched right into the room, not stopping for her name tag.

I didn't get to stay in the shul service much. That shul is ENORMOUS (I think our whole building could fit inside the sanctuary there), and packed, and Sofia was hungry and tired, so we did a lot of exploring. Had a quick lunch, and then we all sang some songs in tribute to Dan, who was celebrating his 20th year as Ritual Director there. IT was nice to see people, but Sofia was tired, and we got out quick.

Napped at home - I was exhausted - and in the evening we had more fun. We met up with K&L and the kids at the Drive In Movies! Saw "Night at the Museum Part 2" (hysterical). The kids all had fun - we were there about an hour and a half early, so they played ball and ate and laughed. L&K left after the first show, so we got in our car, turned it around (we'd parked backwards so the kids could hang out in the vans), and watched "X:Men Origins - Wolverine". Micah and Sofia were asleep, but Sam stayed awake for the whole movie (and didn't stop talking!). It was good if you like XMen (which we do), because it answered a lot of questions, but wasn't much on its' own.

Today, David took off early to clean up his rental apartments and then visit his grandma in CT. He's still not home yet. So I had all three to myself. All day. They were all crabby in the morning (tired), so I took them out for breakfast. Tantrums from all three, until the food arrived. That helped.

Came home, and Micah actually napped a bit. Me, too. Then we went back out to an antique car show and safety fair, which was fun. Then we went a little shopping; Sofia slept in the stroller.

Came home, relaxed, and had dinner next door with the neighbors. That was nice. Then I cleaned out the boys' clothing drawers and closet, then they all showered or bathed, and finally they are all asleep.

Friday wehn we got home from shul, I managed to get a decent picture of the three of them together for the yearbook:


amy flege said...

cute photo. i am glad you are starting to feel better!!!!