Monday, May 18, 2009

She's SOOO My Daughter!

Well, yesterday was nice. The concert at the day school was Shira Klein & Shirlala. It was a really sweet concert, aimed at the younger kids but with great peppy and fun music. But I was even more thrilled to see that she was accompanied by Michelle Citrin, one of my favorite young artists!

I had to "work" the day school information table, so I hovered near the door during the concert, while David sat up front with Sofia (and the boys wandered). It was so much fun to watch Sofia from afar. She loves music, and I realized that she and I were swaying exactly the same way during the music.

After the concert, I got to chat with Michelle, which was nice, and the kids played on the playground. Then we had some lunch (Big Fresh, which is a nice place except that Micah's allergic to most of the food).

Then we ended up going to a birthday party at the Natick Organic Community Farm. The birthday boy is in kindergarten, and mom is a good friend of mine. She had intended to invite the first grade boys, but never actually got around to it, so she called me at noon!

It was fun. We thought Sofia would fall asleep before we got there; she actually didn't plop her head down until I was pulling into the parking lot. The boys had fun; Micah is very popular with the kindergarten boys (which is good, because those two classes will be combined next year for 1st/2nd grade!), and Sam is a "buddy" to one of the kids (the 4th grade paired with kindergarten this year for Buddies).

It was fun, and we all wore ourselves out. After cake, Sofia found a broom, and she swept for about 15 minutes:

When we got home, David and I collapsed for over an hour; I felt like I'd been drugged, I was soooo tired. I left David home with the kids for bedtime, while I paid a shiva call. He let the boys stay up a little later, so this morning I actually had to wake both of them up! (Although Micah claims he was awake...). Sofia, too, was tired, and came to cuddle with us and wouldn't get out of bed.

Cold and tired today. Sofia has her eye exam this afternoon; should be interesting. I'm not really anticipating a problem yet. Tomorrow she has audiology, too.


My name is Sarah said...

What a great sweeper. I love her outfit.