Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Adaptive Gymnastics Class!

Sofia took her first gymnastics class today. Boy, am I tired! She did great, but I had spent the previous 2 hours driving around trying to get her to take a nap, and she DIDN'T nap, so she was crabby/wild when we got to Gymnastics.

The Adaptive teacher is good. There were only 2 other kids today, two boys somewhere between Sam's and Micah's ages, both of whom have already been taking gymnastics. So it was really good that I was in class with her, since I had to follow her around and guide her to each assigned activity.

At first, of course, she'd been in line with a herd of little girls waiting for the Shining Stars class, and she just went right into class with them! I had to have her retreived, which did not help the mood.

But by the end of the 45 minute session, she was starting to lean into forward rolls without prompting, and she climbed through the Pit multiple times. She seemed to LOVE all the movement!

I am really glad we did the adaptive class, rather than plunging in to the regular class, because she is still a bit behind on some of the motor skills (like forward rolls, but also things that require upper-body strength).

Micah enjoyed an extended playdate at his friend J's house today, and we joined them for dinner, too.

Yesterday, I took Sammy down to CT, and we got to visit with my grandma. Then my parents took Sam, and my sister and her family, and grandma and me and the little ones drove up to Longmeadow to meet my cousin and her family for dinner (and to transfer grandma).

I did not know that my grandmother could play piano, yet my wonderful 97 year old grandma sat down at Melissa's piano and played beautifully! Amazing.

Micah is watching "Mamma Mia" again in my room. Songs are permanently stuck in my head.


T21 Traveling Afghan said...

Em takes a class at The Little Gym and she LOVES it! She is in with younger kids (they have never had a child with DS before) but she does really well! At this stage, I am GLAD she likes to copy her peers and do what they are a few more years, I may feel VERY differently.

I'm glad Sophia enjoyed it!