Friday, June 5, 2009

The Yearbook is DONE!

I am looking at the Proof copy right now, and I'm SO HAPPY!

Well, sort of happy, since I'm generally in a really really grouchy mood today. Part PMS, part weather (it's going to rain soon), part exhaustion, part frustration with the kids. And the house. And my endless To-Do list.

I am, however, in awe of my daughter's physical and mental ability. I watch her on the playground, and marvel at all she does. I realized last night, as David and I were dreaming of being somewhere without children, that Sofia is the only one of the three kids who figured out how to REMOVE the child-proof door knobs so she could get into our room (or into the basement pantry, where all the yummy snacks and out-of-circulation toys are kept!). There's simply no stopping Miss Determination.

Great great great for her. Exhausting for the rest of us!

Micah has been tremendously sweet all week, even when he gets in a bad mood. I reward him with extra Nintendo time, which helps his mood.

Sam calmed down today after his session with the public school psychologist. Hopefully he'll maintain this calm throughout all of next week, since both my husband AND my babysitter will be away!!!

Shabbat Shalom, everyone. Sam's having 2 friends sleep over for his birthday tomorrow night (Saturday is actually David's birthday; Sam's is next Tuesday). We might take them all to the drive-in. Again.