Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Vacation (AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!)

Yup, school is out. For the whole summer. For all three kids.


Ok, not really that bad. I know. But STILL....

Wednesday was the last day for the boys, and thankfully it was a beautiful day (the ONLY one we've had in weeks!). We played a bit after school. The original plan had been for Sam to stay on the playground while I raced Micah over to a birthday party, but he wanted to play so much. So we all stayed until just before 4pm. Then my friend kept Sofia with her, while I got Sam over to his therapy appointment and then brought Micah to his party late.

I was going to have him only stay about 25 minutes, but the mom said he could stay with them until later. Whew. So I raced back to pick up Sam (realizing on the way that I had NO kids in the car...briefly contemplating making a run for the border...).

Grabbed Sam, raced up two towns over for the birthday party he had to go to. Met Sofia there, where my friend was trying to hold her still because she'd pooped in her diaper. Changed her in the minivan (stinky!), then went to Firefly's with another friend and her younger daughter for dinner. Phew.

Then back to the arcade to pick up Sam. Since we were early, Sofia took a run through the giant climbing structure...and got stuck at the top of the slide. Sam was still in laser tag, so I had some other kids try to get her down. One of Sam's classmates managed to drag her off the platform and closer to the actual slide, but she didn't come down until Sam came to get her.

David picked up Micah, so I didn't have to go all the way back to Framingham. Got home just before 8pm.

Thursday, Sofia still had school, so the boys lunged in front of the TV while I ran her over. Then they decided we needed a run to Target; I opted for the Milford store, which we don't usually get to.

Mid-way through the shopping, Micah's hunger kicked in and he got into a stormy mood. We found a nice bagel place, and the lady at the counter picked up on how charming he really could be almost immediately. It helped.

Picked up Miss Sofia, fed them a quick lunch, and then met a bunch of friends at the movie theater. I was going to have my sitter meet us and take Sofia, but she text messaged me just as we left the house - her boyfriend seemed to be breaking up with her (turned out not to be as bad), so I took Sofia with us.

We saw "Imagine That", which was ok. A little disturbing to see Eddie Murphy doing such a great imitation of my distracted husband on his cell phone! Sofia freaked out in the theater as usual, then pooped in her diaper (it's a trend) and promptly fell asleep on my lap. She woke up before the movie was over, so I got her cleaned up.

After the movie, Micah went to B's house, while I took B's sister and two other girls and Sam and Sofia to the public library. Met my friend D there; one of my extra girls belonged to her.

Then back to B's house...where we stayed until 9pm! This is my friend H, who co-chaired the yearbook with me (she does all the business work, selling ads and keeping track of sales), and she has 3 kids, each 2 years younger than each of mine. But they all get along terrifically. Sammy and the older girl disappeared upstairs, "talking and listening to music" (they are still young enough for us to believe that!). Micah and B built what can only be described as a model of their Corporate Headquarters out of magnetic blocks. It was stunning. And Sofia and GiGi had a BLAST taking all the toys from GiGi's play kitchen and tossing them into the shower stall:


(Here they are on the playground after school Wednesday)


We had a great time. It is rare that two families of 5 can match up so nicely (David gets along with the dad, but both of them were working late).

Our playdate for Friday got canceled (other kid was sick), but I took my 3 to the mall. Sofia slept in the stroller while I walked around with the boys. I had told Micah we could go to the arcade, but my head was pounding. I've had a migraine for weeks because of this funky weather. So intead, I took them to buy Webkinz.

We didn't have any formal company for Shabbos dinner except our sitter, who needed some family time with us. It was actually really nice.

Saturday, we had a bar mitzvah at shul, and there were a lot of friends from Chabad at the lunch, so we took an extra kid home and then his parents came over later to hang out. After they left, I called another friend and he brought his 3 kids over for dinner.

Sunday, Father's Day AND our 11th Anniversary! We drove in to Boston to go to the Museum of Fine Arts. They were having Community Day and admission was free, which was nice. David did buy tickets for the special exhibit (Micah and Sofia are young enough to be free admission), but the little ones did not last more then a few minutes. I let David and Sam have time together at the exhibit while I took the others to the cafe for a snack.

We wandered the museum for a while, until they were all too tired or crabby. Sofia kept trying to run away, and Sam was in a MOOD.

We walked, in the rain, up Huntington Avenue until we found some food. I got Sofia an ice cream while David took the boys to order pizza. After eating, as we were walking back to the car, Micah announced "This is the most best fun day ever!" He's been in a VERY good mood recently!

I fell asleep in the car, and David and I both passed out when we got home. We had intended to go out for dinner, but instead I made comfort food (tomato soup!) and we let the kids watch "Spy Kids 3" on TV.

This morning, David left for Edmonton (returns Thursday) and I took all 3 to Micah's allergist, at Newton Wellesley Hospital, for his regular check=up. We concentrated more on the environmental allergies today, instead of foods (Winter is time for food testing; right now we have to deal with POLLEN!). She put him on a steroid inhaler in addition to the Albuterol.

Got them all lunch at the Cafe at the hospital (good selection, very inexpensive), and then met their friends at....shudder.....Chuck E Cheese. Nightmare. Thankfully, the other kids' grandmother offered to follow Sofia for a while. She turns into a little maniac there, wandering and trying machines at a rather rapid pace. The noise, the lights, the insanity.....

Survived. Stopped at the boys' school to drop off his OT evaluation, then took Micah to his therapy appointment. Ran to CVS while he was there. Picked him up, came home, then E showed up to watch sleeping Sofia, and now I'm at Tae Kwan Do with the boys.

Oh, so tomorrow, Sam was supposed to have his 10 year checkup, but the pediatrician's office called to cancel today, because doc had an emergency. Which would usually be fine, but he goes to camp next week and needs an updated Health Form! I spoke to camp, and hopefully they will accept the letter the doc is faxing them, since we couldn't reschedule until after he's all done with the camp!

It's only the first real day of summer vacation. Is it done yet?

OH! And Save the Date: Saturday, June 16, 2012. Sam's Bar Mitzvah!!!!!!


stephanie said...

Hi, I love the title of your blog, and had to come over to meet the pirates and princess.... very cute. Today is our last day of school, Yeah!

Maggie said...

Just stumbled on your blog -- sounds like it's going to be an incredibly busy summer, but it also sounds like all the kids are having a great time :) I love the Museum of Fine Arts, it's definitely one of my favorite spots in this city. Have you also been to the Museum of Science? I highly recommend it, since it's a great place for families!