Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Miscellaneous Ramblings

Now that the Yearbook is done, and the DVD for Sam's class is done, and my own classwork is done, and Austin's bar mitzvah prep is done (it's this weekend), I find myself with a bit more free time. It's kind'a nice, kind'a weird and disorienting.

I did get an A in my class, which feels odd because all the other classes I have taken have just graded on a pass/fail basis. Having a formal grade takes me back a few years.

I'm looking forward to writing my Masters Thesis/Capstone Project. The first part of it will be what I write for my d'var Torah for July 11. At our shul, in the summer, the speeches are given by select congregational members instead of by the rabbi. We have a lot of very learned members, so it's interesting to hear from them. I am supposed to speak about inclusion (of course!), both for special needs and for children in general, within our service structure. I lucked out on my choice of weeks - July 11 is parsha Pinchas, which includes the story of the 5 daughters who demand to be allowed to inherit their father's property, since they have no brother. Once I get the speech written, maybe I'll post it...

I took the three kids out for sushi last night in honor of Sam's birthday. My dear friend R came with us (which was great for a number of reasons!). The kids were a bit exuberant, but it was mostly fun. And Sofia pooped on the potty at the restaurant (four times...).

I'm trying to clean up my computer, now that the Yearbook and DVD are done. My 250GB hard drive only has about 5 GB free right now! Fortunately, we recently purchased a 1.5 Terrabyte backup drive for some ridiculously low price, so I've got plenty of space to archive!

I was pondering the "oh, woe is me" attitude of some parents, and wondering why people are like that? Am I a freak for thinking "well, every person is unique and different, and that's a good thing"?

I'm tired!