Friday, July 17, 2009

Heading to Storyland

Kind of a boring week, really, after all the fuss last weekend. Boys had camp, Sofia had summer school, David came back late Tuesday night from his trip.

Oh, Tuesday, E stayed home with Sofia, and I picked up Sam from his camp and went to Family Night at Micah's camp. That was nice. A lot of my friends were there, so we had a big gathering for the picnic. And nice to have time with just the boys, without worrying about chasing the little dynamo around. Micah and his buddies are SOOO cute!

I'm off the migraine med that was knocking me out; doc wants to see me again before we decide a next step. But hopefully I'll shed the exhaustion a bit. I've taken many naps this week.

I'm driving up to Storyland, in NH, tonight, with my friend S and her son (who is Micah's friend) and her 16 year old daughter. Should be fun. It's supposed to pour tomorrow, but it rained last time we were at the park, and it was still fun, with fewer crowds.

I have to learn how to chant the Ten Commandments aliyah for August 1, in the "upper trope" method. First I need to get it in larger print, because I can't see it in the books and I'm having trouble finding the text on line. Ugh.

Next weekend we will be camping with friends. We have definitely given up the idea of Washington DC for August, so now I'm open to suggestions for a RELAXING family vacation...