Sunday, July 12, 2009

Not Done Yet...

Whew, another whirlwind weekend.

Thursday was busy. After I dropped them all off at their various camps, I went to the library, and managed to find the sheet music for "Free Bird", which Sam had insisted he NEEDED for his guitar session at camp. Proud mama, I was hoping for some appreciation...didn't get much.

Did a bit of shopping, then picked up Sofia and came home for lunch and a rest. Then was on our way to go take a walk at the park, when I got a phone call from Micah's camp nurse: "Micah's green, and says he feels like barfing."

Oh. Would he perhaps like an early ride home? Yup. So off we drove, super-quick, to his camp (40 minutes away), trying to get in and out before the buses started arriving for the afternoon run.

Got home, dropped the little ones off with E, then back to get Sam. Managed to get a 10 minute walk around their neighborhood before they got back, and ran into a friend.

I did make homemade sushi rolls, per Sam's request every night this week, which was fun but labor intensive. Then I got to take a walk while E had them bathe and clean up.

When I got back, she was putting Sofia to sleep (or so she thought; Miss Sofia ended up getting out of bed a few more times that evening...), and I tried to get the boys to finish cleaning their room, because Friday the cleaning ladies were coming and needed to be able to find the dirt!

Well, Sam decided to have an OCD fit, because I would not let him go wash his hands each time he touched a toy. I had to wrestle him to the ground, and he was sobbing "Why won't you let me wash? There are germs everywhere!". It was kind of scary.

When he started to settle down, we had a few giggles with a wrestling session (and Micah said "Hey, can I get in on this?", which was adorable). But OY.

Friday was better. After Micah got on the bus, his friend's mom (who is my friend) and I took Sofia to a nearby playground because it was finally a nice day. David had been down to his doctor's office, and called deciding to play hooky from work. Yeah! So David and Sofia and I drove in to Boston, to see the Tall Ships in the harbor. It was lovely (and Sofia napped in her stroller, which was peaceful).

Got home, threw the challah dough into the oven, finished my d'var, grabbed the cooked challah from the oven, raced out to get the boys. Took about 45 minutes to swim, because it was still lovely out, and then off to our friends' house for Shabbos dinner.

Micah had an allergy attack and I had to Benadryl him, but he and David stayed until 10 pm. I came home earlier with Sam and Sofia (we had both cars, because David had gone back to work while I picked up the kids).

Saturday, packed up the car, and off to shul, where I delivered the D'var Torah (sort of like a sermon). It was very well received, so here it is.

Right after shul, we drove down to the Cape, and had a nice visit with my friend R and her gang, who are there for 2 weeks, right on the beach. Stayed until about 9pm.

This morning, Micah and I were up before 6am, and I was out of the house by 7am. Had to drive down to CT to pick up my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law Laura (and, it turns out, her daughter Lilie). Then we drove down to Syossett NY for a bridal shower for H, a close family friend.

It was nice. I'm glad we had Lilie, cause she is SO FRIGGIN' CUTE!!!

We decided to take the Port Jefferson Ferry back, because I didn't think I could really manage that much driving and there was a lot of traffic on the Long Island Expressway. We got to Port Jefferson about 45 minutes early, so we had a chance to walk around, and I rested (but did not sleep) on the ferry, so it was worthwhile (and lovely).

I got home at 9pm. David, meanwhile, took the three kids out to the Berkshires to meet his dad, and they just got home now at 9:55. This would be ok, except that now David has to drive to Lebanon NH, another 2.5 hours away, TONIGHT. So he's a little stressed (nothing unusual, right).

So here are photos from last Sunday in Sakonnett, and Friday in Boston, and today:






Laura said...

Wow you are one busy mama. I enjoy your blog. I too have a 4 year old girl with DS. I also have a son who is pretty "typical" but has a speech delay which seems to be improving by leaps and bounds. (He will be 3 in August.) Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog. Best of luck.

amy flege said...

looks like a great time!!!