Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just a little check-in

It's been a really busy time. Last week was ok. Some of Micah's playdates were canceled, but some were still on.It poured most of the week, so we did a lot of hiding in the house.

No camp on Friday, so I had them all home. My girlfriend D and her daughter came for late lunch, and then her daughter stayed to play with Micah while D went to the farm and E came to take Sam to the library for tutoring. Then D and her hubby came back for Shabbos dinner, which is always fun.

So fun, in fact, that we spent all day Saturday with them, too. There was a parade in Natick center, which is walking distance from their house, so we went to the parade and then hung out all day. It was finally a gorgeous day, so it was really fun. We walked up to a playground late in the afternoon, and otherwise, the grownups talked, Micah and A played, Sofia had a terrific time with all the girly toys, and Sam amused himself and played a bit of basketball. Their older daughter, who is in Sam's class, is at sleep-away camp.

Sunday, we went to the RI shore, to my college chum's beach house. Always beautiful there, and it was another nice (although WINDY) day. She has a son Sam's age, who Micah plays with, and a daughter a year younger than Micah. Lots of relaxing. Her mom lives there all summer, and she's a wonderful lady.

We got home very late, and the boys were quite tired the next morning. So tired, that Micah refused to get on the bus for camp! I had to get him more breakfast and then drive him to camp (which is half an hour away, but at least Sofia didn't have camp so I had enough time).

Another gorgeous day, so I took Sofia to the pool club, and she napped in the stroller while I had some peace and quiet, and David met me for lunch. Then Sofia woke up and we splashed for a few hours. When I was changing her out of the bathing suit, I heard a small voice shout "That's My Sofia!" It was a girl from her preschool class!

Monsoon yesterday. Sofia had camp, finally, and I had a massage. Ouch. My arm, shoulder and leg are all a wreck. Went out with The Girls last night, which was fun.

My new migraine med makes me exhausted. I've been taking (or at least needing) two naps per day. Hopefully it will start kicking in and actually stopping the migraines soon. Doc said it would take a couple of weeks.

Ok, off to preschool and then a meeting at shul, to hand over all the Early Childhood Education Committee stuff to the new co-chairs. Yeah! And then Sofia has gymnastics this afternoon.