Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quick Check In

The weekend in New Hampshire was lovely. We got up there quite late (stopped to have a picnic in Boxboro, where we left S's car), but the hotel folk kindly waited for us. Nice place, Perry's Motel, family run, teeny rooms or cottages, but clean, nice playground and pool, cottages had kitchenettes.

Saturday morning, kids up bright and early. Breakfast, then StoryLand by 9:15. It started out with overcast sky, but eventually turned into a gorgeous weather day. Not horribly crowded, very comfortable. We had a great "team". Micah and his buddy E stuck together like glue all day. S's older daughter, M, is 16, so she could either help out with Sofia, or could take Sam off to do "big kid" stuff. That made Sam feel so grown-up, so he was easy all day. Sofia mostly stuck with me and her stroller, unless she was asleep and I could really take Sam off on his own.

Sofia likes the Carousel the best, but she won't sit on a horse! Just on the bench, going "round round round" and waving "hi" at everyone. Must have gone on it about 6 times. She also, at the end of the day, asked for a Boat ride, so I took her on the Fairy Princess swan boat, which was so calm and lovely and princessy, compared to the things the boys like. Micah and E spent over an hour in the afternoon in the splash park area (in their clothing, but fortunately they dried off fairly well). I took Sam on the Polar Coaster and the Crazy House and the Flying Fish. And we all, in various configurations, went on a variety of other rides.

Got ice cream, cotton candy, snacks, and bought each child just one or two little things, like a new pirate sword or a fairy wand or a necklace or pirate gold.

Left the park at 5pm, took a quick swim at the motel, out for yummy dinner (but I was exhausted!). Sunday, meandered around North Conway a bit, and S took the 4 older kids to Pirate Mini Golf while I tried to get Sofia to nap.

Ride home was long but pretty. We did not get home in time to see David before he left for Michigan, though. Boo hoo.

Camp week, fairly regular. I had my OB checkup Monday morning, which was only interesting because the babysitting at Southboro Medical is closed for construction, so I finally brought Miss Sofia into the office with me. They had never actually met her. The NP says she has lent out "Gifts" to several patients, though. Rest of the day was lovely, so I took Sofia to the pool, but she was in a MOOD, and kept yelling at me and arguing with me (or ignoring me) all day. Got her to nap a bit, and I napped in the car for about 10 minutes, too.

Tuesday after I dropped Sofia at preschool, I had a meeting at the Day School. I will be handling the technical part of the Online and Live Auction for the Winter Gala. After meeting, I got to do a quick bit of shopping and walking around. E showed up after I brought Sofia home, and I got to go out for lunch with my friend C for her birthday. That was nice.

When I picked up Micah, he said he'd had a Massive Allergic Reaction at camp. I asked for more details. His Unit had done a craft project with food, and he thought it had Peanuts in it. "My whole unit had Peanuts".

"Did you eat any?" No
"Did you touch any?" No.

He apparently had an anxiety attack. (And I found out later there were no nuts involved anyway).

Yesterday, Another friend, J, had a Ladies Lunch at her house, but since I was going to have to leave before noon to pick up Sofia, she invited me to come early to visit. It was nice to see everyone. And as I was leaving, Micah's camp called to say he wasn't feeling well and he wanted to come home.

So I picked up Sofia, fed her a quick lunch, and drove down to camp and back. He was having more from the anxiety attack. So I let him come home. Rested a bit, then met E over near Sofia's gymnastics place. Gave her the kids and the carseats, and then I had to go pick up Sam at the JCC, because it was Arts Night.

I took him to a coffee shop first, and we worked on his laptop for a bit, learning to use the Voice Recognition software that he will need for school. He was able to read the Children's Story for the program really well!

After that, we had a quick dinner at the kosher Chinese place, and then got a little lost trying to get back to the JCC, but we made it. It was nice to meet his friends, and I exchanged kid emails with another mom.

Sam wasn't in the play, but he wanted to stay and see his friends. It was cute. "Alladin", with only 4 boys and about 16 girls.

Got home around 10, and David got home shortly after. Watched Torchwood - I caught him up on episodes 1 & 2 last night, and i just watched episode 3 this morning. CCCCOOOOOLLLL.

Camping this weekend, with L&K and their 3 kids. Should be interesting. David can't get there until late, so I will have to do everything. Oy. He also doesn't know if he will be able to go on vacation the weeks I have set aside, so I might be stuck with all three kids by myself for 2 full weeks without ANY plans. That won't do - we WILL be going somewhere... and I'll find someone to join us!