Friday, August 7, 2009

Extra Oxygen

Well, Micah has been at my parents' house since Tuesday, and there is just that much more oxygen in the house. Sigh. Why is it always easier when one of the boys is away? I miss them - and I dread the lectures from my mother about their behavior. This morning on the phone, she had quite a bit to say about Micah's behavior when they went to Lake Compounce Amusement Park yesterday with the twins. Micah is just a classic "little brother", and bugs and begs and annoys. When he's the Only Child, he's perfect.

Sam has been fairly happy without him, too, except for yesterday afternoon, when I refused to buy him another Webkinz, and he grouched about how Micah was probably getting all sorts of stuff from Pop & Grandma. I had to remind him of all the things he has gotten this summer - including a digital camera and a laptop! Didn't help.

David and I got to go out as grownups last night, to a JFS/MW fundraiser at Pinz, a bowling place. Fun.

Sofia is a little fishy, jumping into the pool as soon as I get the bubble on her, and swimming as fast as her little legs can paddle. She still drinks quite a bit of pool water, but that does not seem to bother her.

I need ot pack - we leave tomorrow for Maine! Yikes!