Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yeah! Sam Liked Camp!

Whew, that was good. I picked Mr. Samuel up at the bus today, after 4 days and 3 nights at sleepaway camp in Maine (Kingswood, in Bridgeton). I was nervous, because last night in the online pictures from camp, he'd looked miserable.

But he loved camp! He had a terrific time, and can't wait to go again. Now he does want me to consider Kingswood as well as Ramah for his longer stay. There are still things I prefer about Ramah, but we will see.

Yeah! Whew.

It's been a long slow quietish week without him. Micah has been VERY argumentative. About EVERYTHING. Which is rather annoying. Plus, he was BORED most of the time.

But last night David took Micah to the Red Sox game at Fenway, and even though Micah prefers the Yankees, he still had fun - and managed a cheer for Pappi. While they were at the game, Sofia and I went shopping with R, and then out to dinner, which would have been nice without a tired and crabby 4 year old hanging on me...

Laundry is going now. At least it's only two loads - clothing, and bedding. I can't imagine how much stuff they bring for a whole month or more!


Eileen said...

We got home at 2:00 this afternoon from camp with Matt(6 weeks) & Bari (3 weeks). The third load of laundry is currently in the drier & I haven't touched Bari's trunk yet.

Glad to hear he enjoyed himself. Sometimes I think they look miserable in pictures just for the guilt-inducement factor.