Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tired but Happy

I should be taking a nap right now, on this grey and lazy afternoon. But instead, here I am at the computer, typing away.

So many little things, nothing major.

Friday night, D&E and the girls here for dinner. Yummy dairy Shabbos - fish, corn bread, challah, tortellini and pesto. And fruit and oven smores for desert.

Yesterday, my Torah reading went fairly well. I was reading the 4th Aliyah, which is a sort of recap of the 10 Commandments. It is traditional to use a different set of trope (cantillation) marks for public readings, making two very long paragraphs (one for the first & second, and one for the 5th) and several very short (two word) sentences. It's very confusing, because usually the trope marks make sense to help the reader know where you are. But with so much repetion of trope, it was really tough! But I did it.

But that's not what I will remember about yesterday. I will instead dwell happily on the fact that Sammy led the Ashrei all by himself! I was so incredibly proud of him!

David, unfortunately, missed all of services (showed up for lunch, 'tho!).

After services, we all came home, changed, loaded up the car, and drove down to Providence and took a lovely bike ride on the rail trail there. It goes right along the water, and was really nice (although a lot of work for me, with Sofia in her seat on my bike!).

Got home nearly 7pm, Sofia already asleep for the evening. David took off to go visit a college chum who was visiting other college friends, and he didn't get back until well after midnight. I got to watch a movie with the boys, and fall asleep fairly early.

This morning, we had a lovely brunch at B&E's house in Holden. E had to leave for a memorial service, but we hung out with B and their son until after 2pm. It was nice.

So nap time now. Sharon from, welcome to my bloglist, and yes, by all means, keep me on yours! We intend to visit New Zealand one day, so look out ;)

Oh! And I finally figured out our vacation plans. Next Saturday, we head to Orrs Island, ME, to a little cottage on the cove. Should be lovely. YEAH!


Sharon said...

Thanks for the welcome! Sounds like you had a great weekend.