Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back from a blog break

Crazy month. So we left off on Columbus Day, going to Davis Farmland and the Mega Maze.

Tuesday, I got to hang out with my friend from Chicago in the morning while all three kids were in school, which was nice. Then ... I had no babysitter, and had to take all three kids to the library and then to Tae Kwan Do. Crazy. At the library, I had the boys take turns watching Sofia in the play area while I helped the other brother with homework. Then I got to argue with Sofia while the boys explored.

In Tae Kwan Do, I got to hang out in that play area (no where near the other moms) watching Sofia and her friend s argue over toys. Fun.

Fortunately, Wednesday was better, since she had gymnastics. But in the mean time, she never lost the runny nose and cough she'd had the previous week. And by Thursday, I had it, too.

But Thursday afternoon, I had to take Sofia to Children's for her blood work, in prep for her Endocrin checkup on Monday. NOT fun, drawing blood from my very strong child. Takes 3 people to hold her.

Friday I had no voice, and that lasted most of the weekend. We had a quiet Shabbos, no company Friday dinner, but still a nice time together. Saturday, David and Micah went to shul while I hung at home with Sam and Sofia (Sam wanted a pajama day). I don't think I left the house all day.

Sunday, soccer was once again canceled (I think the boys will probably NOT be playing this season!), and Sam's USY boat ride was also canceled, both due to the rain (and snow!). Fortunately, Micah still had a birthday party to go to (at a Hockey game!). So the other four of us went to BJs and did some crazy shopping, and then David drove in to Newton to pick up kosher Chinese food.

While David was driving, Sam and I rearranged Sofia's room, including taking apart the crib! We pulled the pieces for the toddler bed down from the attic, but could not find the hardware (which I'm SURE I'd put in a plastic bag and taped to the rails), so the bed didn't get finished until Tuesday.

She's not so sure about the bed. She's starting to appreciate it a little, at least for putting her dolls to bed, but she's not positive she wants to sleep there. And because she's so stuffy, she's not sleeping well, and keeps coming in to find me in the middle of the night.

Last night, she came in to me, and when she started kicking David, I was just about to pick her up, when Micah showed up, too. So I put Sofia back in her room, and spent 2 hours in Micah's room. I was heading back to my bed, when I found David in Sofia's room. Sofia apparently had come back to find me, and started freaking out when I wasn't there. So I spent the next 2 hours with her. Sigh.

Today was busy - school photos at the day school, and (of course) I am the parent organizer. So I spent the morning shepherding students to the Cafetorium. I am pleased to say that EVERY student was in today, so no need for any retakes! Class picture for Micah's class (19 kids, in grades 1 & 2) took the longest, since the 10 boys (ages 6-8) all had a variety of quirks and funny faces to deal with.

Sofia loves her gymnastics class, and pushes me out the door. "Mama. GO. Drive. Out. Bye."

The boys are both ok. The nice weather yesterday and today is helping, but they are both sort of dragging, although neither has the sinus problems or cough that Sofia and I can't get rid of.

David is ok. He's been in country all month, which is very nice. In fact, in town! Home for dinner often. Very nice.

My class is fun - Midrash on Bereshit (interpretive stories about Genesis). My thesis is going nowhere fast. Slow, actually.

Oh, and somehow I have become Co-Chair of the Winter Lights Gala for the Day School.

This week, otherwise, is a bit bizarre. Yesterday, after Tae Kwan Do, the boys and I met David over at a Shiva house (Shiva is the mourning period which follows a Jewish funeral). Tomorrow morning, I have to go to another funeral (father of a friend). And Friday (after the boys join classmates in leading some of the services at shul) we have to race down to CT for a wake, stay at my parents' overnight, and leave the kids there while we go to the funeral in the morning (David's cousin's uncle). Then race back, because Micah is having a sleepover party for his birthday.

Can't remember anything else. David is watching Monte Python in the background... difficult to concentrate while laughing!