Thursday, October 1, 2009

How to Support?

Ok, readers, I want to hear from you. One of the families on my MetroWest DS Mommies list is plunging into the world of chemotherapy. Months of in-patient time.

How can I as an individual, and we as the DS Mommies group, help?

What kinds of things will help a family know that they are loved and cared for, while they are sitting watching their youngest child go through such suffering?

Not a happy post, sorry, but leukemia is one of the ever-present realities in the DS community. Something we all hope to avoid, but which shows up all too often. Thank G-d that there are now treatments available, and so many of these children DO get better. But that doesn't make the process any easier.

So I hug Sofia, give thanks that she is (reasonably) healthy (despite a nasty cough and cold this week). And hope the big L never finds our house.

And wonder how we can help our friends when it does.


In other news, I start my Genesis Rabbah class tonight. Does anyone have a copy of the Soncino English translation of it that I can borrow? Or Rashi's commentary on Genesis chapters 4, 22, 37 or 39?

And tomorrow is my first thesis seminar. Let the madness begin!

Happy Sukkot, y'all, and I hope we have some nice weather for at least part of the week. My walls are out of the garage, but not "up" yet. David promised to build it tonight. If not, I will do it tomorrow...


ABandCsMom said...

I've walked the chemo route with my daughter. Remain friends with this family. I sadly lost many who apparently didn't have time for a friend with a sick child. Take meals to them while they are inpatient. They will so appreciate a good homemade meal. Offer to do some laundry for mom while she sits in the hospital. Her cloths get dirty too! Lastly, a simple phone call means the world to us who go through chemo with our kids.

Krista said...

Keep on supporting, maybe some ready-made dinners for the time she's in hospital, some babysitting, some picking up and delivering of stuff. Keep on communicating, showing your love and support.