Sunday, October 25, 2009

WHEW! Really, that was a lot!

Thursday morning, Sofia's cold was worse, so she ended up coming to the funeral in Worcester with me.

Thursday night, I almost fell asleep during my class, since I'd been up with Sofia again overnight.

Friday, I also kept her home. David drove Micah to school, I got Sam to his appointment at Ashland public school, then spoke to preschool principal and decided to keep Sofia out again. Picked up Sam, drove him to school. Called pediatrician. 45 minutes to wait; chased Sofia around the bookstore. She found a toy on display that she really wanted, which was too old for her, so I said "No." She clutched it and kept repeating "Try It."

Finally made it out of the bookstore without the toy. Off to Peds. Try a new med for sinus infection.

Then to the day school, to read to Micah's class in honor of his birthday.

Get pulled out of class just as I'm finishing reading/ Sam's been hit in the eyebrow with a hockey puck!

Nurse didn't think he needed stitches or had a concussion. At that time he felt ok to go back to class, so I ssaid I would check on him before I left school.

Back to Micah's class, to teach a song during Tefillah.

Check on Sam, and by now his head is pounding, so I tell him to pack up.

Meanwhile, Sofia took off, and we couldn't find her for a few minutes. Finally located her ON THE POTTY in the boy's room!

Back to Peds (they were a bit puzzled to see me). Doc checked him out, no real worries, just keep an eye on him.

Off to the drugstore, to try to fill Sofia's prescription. Took a long time, with Sofia running amok and Sam moaning about his headache.

Just enough time to race home, get meds into both of them, refrigerate, and off to pick up lunch. Grabbed some food at Whole Foods, but it took a while. So we were late getting back to school.

Which means we missed Micah being the Shabbat Helper (it goes by birthday), and apparently he did a FANTASTIC job. A few people said they taped it, so hopefully I'll get to see it.

But we got to see his class' presentation about the Solar System, which was also cute.

Home, made cupcakes, and then rested for an hour, after we packed.

Then off to shul, where I had to lead the day school kids in certain parts of the service, to show off. They did great.

The minute services were over, we got in the car and headed for CT. I'd made sandwiches, so we ate dinner in the car.

Made it in good time. My dad met us at the Funeral Home, so we swapped cars and he took the kids back to the house.

Stayed until the end of the wake, visiting with David's cousin and uncle and the extended family. Then back to my parents' house to sleep.

Next morning, the kids and my folks took off early to see my sister and her twins, so we had some quiet time, which was NICE. Then off to the funeral. Full Mass, which was very very interesting. The Catholic church near my parent's house, where I would occasionally go with my friends, was not as elaborate as this one, which included a choir and incense.

Sad but lovely funeral. Then we went back to the house, packed up, and met the rest of my family at my niece's soccer game - in the rain.

Stopped at iParty to get stuff for the birthday party. Got some lunch, and raced back to CT.

Prepped for party. Kids started arriving at 6pm. One no-show, the mom had mixed up the date, but that's where Micah will have a sleep-over in a few weeks, so he'll make it up then. So only 4 guests, and one couldn't sleep over. It was really nice.

When they first arrived, they played a variety of games - Othello, Mancala, Connect Four, etc. Then food - popcorn, nachos, and pizza. Then a riotous game of Marco Polo. Then the pinata.


After that cupcakes:

Then prep for bed, and watch a movie ("Pirates of the Carribean"). Sofia came upstairs with us, as she was "Scared" of the pirates. Sam was the first to fall asleep. I finally turned off the movie at 10:45, and promised they could watch more in the morning.

It took them a while to go to sleep, past 11:30. But the three guests slept late. Micah came up at 7:00 complaining that no one was awake but him!

Once they all got up, they finished the movie, then had breakfast, then played until parents came.

Nice nice boys.

Now my house is somewhat quiet. Sofia's watching "Robots" again, and the boys are playing downstairs. Sam has a boat ride this afternoon for USY. I hope to get some of my thesis work done. David is going with a neighbor to watch football.

But when the last mom picked up, she told me one more piece of bad news: one of the teachers at the day school died! Baruch Dayan HaEmet. Dr. George Marcus was killed in a car accident on Friday. I am waiting for funeral details.

Life goes on...


Tracy said...

Wow! Sorry to hear that you are having to deal with the sad parts of life so much right now! Hope Sophia is feeling better. Rachel was sick this last week and missed the whole week of school. She was tested for the flu, but it was negative. Guess it was just a cold. She is much better now, thank goodness. Take care and tell Micah Happy Birthday for us! Our kids are getting so big, Francine!!!!