Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How to Support? Part Two

Well, this has been full of lessons.

Lesson #1: When you want to know what to do to help, ASK.

Lesson #2: When you do need help, don't be afraid to be VERY SPECIFIC.

So I asked the mom (of the child undergoing chemo treatments at Children's) what we as a group could do to help, and her answer was very clear:

There is something that we could use some help with.....this floor is full with patients waiting to come in so it is very busy (which is so sad) presently there are three or four toddlers and only one push car. I went online to see if I could come up with a picture or price with no luck but the cars are just like the ones (taxis) at Jordans Furniture in Framingham. There was a black police car when we first arrived (it went MIA) but now just a red race car. These cars are very nice to push and the kids just love them, we can take them out into the garden and wheel around the hospital (pending blood counts) for W. it is awesome cause he sits up straight to drive unlike the umbrella stroller which he slouches in plus he cannot walk yet and scooting around on hospital floors can be dangerous with the low platelets. He has spent hours in the car!! Anyways do you or does anyone in the group have any connection to Jordans or is there someone we could approach to donate acouple of their taxis to add some fun to these long hospital stays. Just a thought ya never know who knows who!!

Well, I know. I know a lot of people connected to that store. And I think this is going to work. I got many messages back, all willing to help, willing to rehash older connections or make donations. And today I got a message the store's owner, who has always been very supportive of the local DS community, has been contacted directly!

I am in awe of how fast people responded, and how wonderful and generous everyone has been. Another mom, working on the MDSC Buddy Walk, has put in a funds request there for the car as well.

I have no doubt that very soon, Children's Hospital will have a new push-car.

Will keep you posted!


In personal news: Took Sofia back to the pediatrician Saturday morning, got her on antibiotics for the sinus infection. By Sunday, I was feeling the pain, and Monday I got antibiotics for a double-ear infection. Also kept both Sofia and Micah out of school Monday - he was coughing as much as her - but sent him back today after pediatrician said he was fine.

And the weather has been mostly lovely for Sukkot!