Monday, December 21, 2009


Mellow is good. Mellow allows us to relax and enjoy our home once in a while.

Wednesday was back to busy, with school, an appointment in the morning, then Sofia had Yom Tov party at Temple Beth Am, and then off to "Monkey Gym" (her gymnastics class at My Gym), then rounds of therapy for the boys. But at least we mellowed out in the evening.

Thursday I finally had my hair cut while Sofia was in school. Picked the kids up, but got a migraine, so I fell asleep in a chair holding Sofia, both with out coats still on, as soon as we got home at 4pm, and slept until 5:30. Couldn't see well enough to drive to Newton, so I did not go to my own class. But it was nice, since I still had the babysitter. I got to polish a silver mezzuzah that I would never have noticed if I hadn't had the 'free' time, and David and I had a lovely tea party with our daughter while A was reading to the boys.

Friday was busy as usual. David had to leave at 6:30 - which would have been ok, except somehow his alarm clock got pushed ahead three hours and he was ready to leave at 3:30 instead. But he did manage to sleep some more, fully dressed.

Anyway, with him gone so early, I had to do the whole driving experience, which on Friday means:
- drive Micah to the day school
- return to Ashland to get Sam to the Mindess by 8:30
- wait 20 minutes
- drop Sofia at preschool
- race back to Mindess to get Sam
- return to the day school

I had a quick meeting with the principal regarding the February Shabbaton (Shabbat together), which will be at my synagogue, so I have to get the families organized for meals.

Then I went shopping at BJs. I am enjoying having my own membership card!

Got back in time to pick up Sofia, put away groceries, then back to day school to get the boys. Sam had tutoring after school (postponed from Thursday), but it was too cold to play outside, so Micah and Sofia and I just waited in the car.

Friday night our friends S&R and their son and one of their daughters came for a nice Shabbos dinner. Haven't seen them in a while, good to reconnect.

Saturday, we eventually made it to shul, which was nice. I haven't been in a while, because of travel and sick kids. Sam lead the Ashrei all by himself, and did a great job. I was so proud of him!

My parents were supposed to come up, but they canceled because of the expected snow. So my mother was miffed when the snow didn't actually arrive until midnight. But we had a nice afternoon, just lazing around the house.

Sunday, of course, was very snowy. David plowed, the kids sledded (our front lawn is a VERY steep long hill), and I got the garage cleaned out enough to finally get the minivan back inside! Never made it last winter, and the doors have an annoying habit of freezing shut in the mornings.

Today, I was soooo glad to get them all back to school, because I had a massage! LOVELY. Bella Sante in Wellesley. I had a gift card, that David had gotten at last year's Gala auction. Took me long enough to use it! Nice place. Great massage (80 minute deep tissue), and tremendous shower - I just wanted to stay there forever.

Now I'm home with La Principessa, but we have to leave in a little while to get the boys. Cleaning ladies are coming today; normally they would come on Friday but it's some sort of holiday this week... ;)

I had some profound thoughts about my kids that I wanted to share, but just cannot remember them now. Sofia has been talking sooo much, and Micah just finished reading the first Harry Potter book and is thrilled to start the second (I got them a boxed set - at the auction - for Hanukah). Poor Sam is still not ready to read all that, but he's getting there.

Stay warm, everyone!