Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Annikan Rothkopf

That's what I wanted to call Micah today. He got angry about something (honestly, I forget what) this morning, and he had that same brooding, glaring under the eyebrows look as the just pre-Vader Annikan has in "Episode 2" (which the boys watched this morning, too).

He demanded to stay in the car while I took Sofia and Sam into Comcast to exchange yet another faulty box. HUGE line, so it took a while. When we got back to the car, Micah had blood all over his mouth - he had wiggled his loose tooth so much! But he was fine. (And yes, the car was warm and locked).

Had to race through BJs with all three which is not the easiest task. Then home to throw the perishables into the fridge, then back up to Rt. 9 to meet up with F and her two boys (ok, one of her sons is also "Sammy" - and her name is the same as mine but with one letter different...).

I drove out to Worcester, where we got hopelessly lost trying to find the Higgins Armory Museum. Finally flagged down a Security Guard at the Glendale Mall, and that wonderful man said "Follow Me" and drove all the way over!

The kids all had fun in the museum, although Sofia was not thrilled with some of it. She liked the helmets, and learned how to say both "helmet" and "armor". F's boys made shields while I took my brood to the gift shop.

Incredibly windy when we got out. I actually had to jump in front of Sofia to block the wind from blowing her away!

Watching the Kennedy Center Honors now - Mel Brooks tribute HA!!!!!