Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010

A new year, a new decade. Cool.

It was a nice relaxing weekend. Wednesday, Micah went to David's office for a while, and Sam had a playdate. While Sofia was at gymnastics, I picked up Sam, dropped him with David and picked up Micah. David and Sam went to see "Avatar" that evening with some friends. After gymnastics, Micah had his therapy appointment, then the three of us had a quiet evening at home.

I was exhausted, so after I put Sofia to bed, I crawled into my own bed and let Micah stay and watch a movie. He was wide awake, and glommed onto me like a starfish, or a carbunkle. When David and Sam got home, I was asleep and Micah was still watching his movie.

Thursday started out kind of hectic. I met my friend and her son at the mall. All three boys had boxes from Lego that they could fill up on the big Individual Pieces wall. Which was ok, except that Micah didn't want to, and Sofia really wanted her own box. Sam stuffed his box to the brim, as expected. Micah and his buddy eventually settled into fun (which lasted 24 hours - E slept over!).

We took them for a snack, and then my friend took the three boys back to my house while I went to pick up my other friend's two daughters. So eventually we had 6 kids at my house. Which turned out to be quite nice. It was snowing, and for a while three were outside. Also for a while, the two 10-year-olds were upstairs hanging out, while the 9, 8, 6 and 4 were all having a blast together with toys and noise in the living room. It was very nice.

Evening came, and the girls' parents, and another family (with two 9 year olds, one 7 year old and one newborn) all came over for New Years Eve. I'd been cooking all afternoon, and we had a nice relaxing time.

Sam held court upstairs with the two older girls and occasionally the 6 year old. At one point, he came running down saying the two girls were trying to kiss him! I suspect there was some pre-tween flirting going on, but since both of these families are like...well, like Family to us, we were not worried.

Micah and E and the other 7 year old were "thick as thieves", and for a while the other 9 year old boy had trouble finding his own place, but eventually he fit with them. Sofia was just fascinated by the infant, and went to sleep at 9pm.

We put the older 8 kids in front of a movie around 10pm, and just before midnight they all came downstairs to watch the Ball drop with us. It was a nice evening.

Friday and Saturday were spent almost entirely watching the Dr. Who marathon on BBC-America. Since it was snowing so much on Saturday, we couldn't go to shul. Just sprawled. All day. Lovely.

Today, however, I was a bit stir-crazy. David shoveled in the afternoon, while the boys and some neighborhood kids used our front lawn for sledding and snowboarding. I took Sofia out for a while - apparently Sam let her slide down the hill unattended once! - and I dragged the sled up and down the street while she ordered me to go faster.

Tonight, we went out to eat, and finally got the boys to eat and enjoy Indian food! Yum.

All week, when Sofia was not dragging me into her room for a "Tea Pahty" (great accent!), she was demanding "Snow WHITE!". Today, I finally got her to watch the Princesses DVD my mom had given her instead. She liked it.

Several times this week, Sofia also treated us to some "singing". She would empty out the music box and just make as much noise as possible:


or grab the toy microphone and "sing" her own particular song, mostly "Ya Ya Ya Ya..."
Here she is playing with a wrapped notepad:

Here are some cute pics from the Armory museum on Tuesday. Sofia was so pleased to wear a helmet and armour:

Micah tried on the heavier helmets:

Sofia did some drawing:

Micah got Sam into the stocks:

And Micah posed behind the photo: