Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Super-Mom Strikes Again

Well, tonight, as I was cooking a yummy dinner for my family (including my husband, whose trip was canceled at the last minute), I managed to slice my thumb fairly deeply. I cleaned up the wound, put on a tight band-aid, and continued slicing potatoes, until I noticed the blood dripping out of said band-aid.

I did finish making diner before I drove myself to the ER, and David fed them all and got Sofia to bed (actually, Sam put her to bed). I got three stitches in my right thumb, which is making typing a little more challenging than usual.

But the ER was fairly quick, and I was home before 8pm!

Best part was the nurse's final instruction: no dish washing for the next 10-14 days. Hmmm, that will be interesting.

So David is home, very tired and not feeling great. I think he's jet-lagged, since he never gave himself time to re-adjust when he came home.

Sofia might also be coming down with something. She was very oppositional in school today, and crabby this evening. At gymnastics, there was a different second teacher, someone who works there but has not covered Sofia's class. Sofia gave her SUCH a LOOK, and totally started testing her limits. It was interesting to watch. Also interesting because David came with us to gymnastics, so he could see Sofia in action.

Sofia did have a great time at the birthday party Monday evening, but it was WAY overwhelming for me. Very loud and lots of kids. Sofia kept waving me away, and totally ditched on of D's older kids who was trying to help her.

I was glad to be there, though, because I love D and her wonderful family. The two oldest kids were sweet, and two youngest were heavily into the party, and the two middle were incredibly attentive to Sofia.

(Mind is changing tracks...)

Oh, and this morning, I Joined a gym! And WORKED OUT! Yeah!!!