Monday, January 25, 2010

45? Really?

I don't feel 45. I feel more like 12. Or maybe 22. Certainly not 45.

But indeed, yesterday was my birthday. The 16th anniversary of my 29th birthday.

It was a nice weekend. We had friends come for dinner on Friday, which is always nice. David and I then watched the premier of "Caprica", which was thought-provoking but somewhat disappointing. Saturday we went to shul. Micah was not feeling well, so for the last part of the service, I sat on the floor of the old "Bride's Room", which is now a storage room, cuddling him on my lap.

He perked up through lunch, and we got home a little after 1:20. Relaxed a little, then my parents arrived and we hung out. Sofia demanded a Tea Party, which kept us all busy.

That evening was Micah's class Havdalah program, where I was supposed to lead the service. Since he was not feeling well, my mom stayed home with Micah (and Sofia), and my Dad came with us and Sam. They brought Sam's telescope; one of the Rabbi/parents at the school has major telescope equipment and was set up for viewing outside the school, so it was good to have extra scopes.

Program was nice, and then my dad took Sam home while David and I went out for dinner. Skipjacks has a new sushi menu, which was REALLY delicious, but their service still stinks. So it was slow. But good.

Sunday, Micah was feeling well enough to go to his chess tournament, and HE WON 4 out of 4 games!!!! He came home with a medal. I am so proud of him!

Meanwhile, I hung out with Sam and Sofia and took them to the gym. Sam was annoyed at having to go to babysitting, but Sofia had so much fun there that she had a 20 minute tantrum when we got home.

In the afternoon, David and Micah met us at the movie theater, and we say the Jackie Chan kid's movie, "Spy Next Door". The boys enjoyed it. Sofia liked it as long as she was eating (popcorn or chocolate), but as soon as she got bored, she said "potty". I must have taken her out about 7 times!

At night, David and I went down to Providence for dinner. We thought we were going to our favorite, Chef Walter's, but it turns out they are not open on Sundays in the winter. So we walked a bit and found another place, which was also yummy. And they had one of my favorite wines, a Vernaccia di San Gimignano. Which I had too much of.

So today we are all moving slowly. Sam did not feel well, but I made him go to school, promising to check on him at 10:30. David is driving Sofia to school, and then we have an appointment together, so I'm at Panera now.

Boy, you never really know how important your thumb is until you can't use it! I have made so many typing mistakes this morning. Ugh.

I'm also sore because I worked out Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Might skip today.

David is off to Miami this afternoon until next Tuesday. Working all week, then meeting his parents in Boynton Beach to start cleaning up Grandma Toby's apartment, since no one has been down there in years.


Tracy said...

I had to laugh when I read about Sofia's tactic when she gets bored at the movies. That is exactly what Rachel does! We went to see a movie in 3D a while back and she would not wear the glasses, so she got bored quickly. I think we went to the bathroom four times!