Sunday, January 10, 2010

End of Weekend

Not too bad. Really nice evening at D&E's house for Shabbos dinner. Relaxing and fun.

Saturday, David took the boys to shul while I stayed home with Sofia; I did not want to infect anyone. I did, however, take her for her 2nd H1N1 dose. She screamed and struggled, but once it was done, she was fine.

Drove David to the Logan Express bus at 3:30. Gone for the week, sigh. Came home, waited for sitter, and then left.

Had to wait for friend I was driving, so I got an unplanned 30 minutes sipping cocoa and reading at StarBucks. NICE. Then I picked up H and we drove to Stow for a Girl's Night IN at R's house. Lovely. We left after 11:30.

Today, relaxing. I did take the kids out to the Arcade, but that wiped me out, so we came home. The boys have been very helpful with Sofia - whatever lecture David gave them yesterday really worked! Sofia has been high-maintenance as usual, really wanting MOMMY.

I am going to try to take it easy this week. Not too much going on. Maybe work on my paper?

Oh, and Micah just got out of bed, having an allergy attack all over his little body. Ugh. Poor kid was covered in rash. I gave him Benadryl and slathered on the excema meds. Will check on him shortly. I hate allergies!