Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Micah has a new obsession. He likes to talk about his "nuts". His "balls", his "privates", or any other term he can think of. But especially "nuts".

Mind you, this is the same kid who, at age 3, dropped trou' and said to my sister, "Aunt 'Lissa, I think my pishy is too big." (Ah, that was fun!)

He is such a BOY. An 8 year old boy. A younger brother. And an older brother, for that matter. BOY BOY BOY.

He is also still obsessed with me. I finally signed Sammy up for sleep-away camp this summer, and Micah said, "Mommy, I don't ever want to go to sleep-away camp, I just want to stay with you!"

Last night, both Micah and Sofia wanted ME. I woke up this morning with one on either side of me, pressed tightly against me. I felt compelled to remind them that "birth is really only a one-way trip" and they could not get back inside the womb, no matter how hard they tried.

This morning was another Whimsical Wednesdays. I have fun doing them. Today we talked about Havdalah, the little ceremony at the end of Shabbat. I read them a great book, "Too Much of a Good Thing".

Tomorrow morning, I have an interview!!! I'm meeting with the director of the day-camp that Micah goes to in the summers. It started because one of my friends who works there was going to quit this year, and would pass her job along to me. But it turns out they are also looking for a Judaic studies teacher, which is what I really want, AND also looking for Special Needs counselors, which I could probably do.

My problem is Sofia and Sam. Sofia is old enough to come to the camp, but is it the right place for her? And would she be better off in the Special Needs unit or in the regular unit? I'm not thrilled with her being in just SN - she models whatever behavior she sees, so I don't need her segregated. But she also wanders, and would definitely need special swim instruction and supervision.

Then there's Sam. He'll be at sleep-away until July 18, but then home. And technically he'll probably qualify again for summer school, but it's only a half-day, so what would he do in the afternoons? He would not be happy at Micah's camp!

So I'm nervous. But I guess the interview would be good experience.

REALLY REALLY REALLY need to start writing my capstone paper. I have to narrow my focus - I have gotten so many great resource articles, but I just have to say that some of them are out-of-scope.

David is off to Copenhagen and Berlin next week, so I'll be single-parenting again. Should be ok, though. As the boys get older, it's getting easier. But we'll still miss him.

I just joined Crazy Hip Bloggers, too. Some of my bloggy-friends are there as well. Should be fun.