Friday, January 15, 2010

Quiet Week

I really kept it simple this week. I did indeed take the boys to Friendly's on Tuesday evening, which was fun. Wednesday, I dropped Sofia at my friend's home so they could drive her to school and I could concentrate on things at MWJDS. First I had the Gala Volunteer Thank You Breakfast, and then we had a Team Meeting for Sam.

The meeting was great. The OT and Speech Path from Ashland, who make up the Assistive Technology team, joined us, and Sam sat in on the whole meeting. We reviewed the software programs he is using on his laptop, and discussed ways to make things more useful for him, like adding graphic organizers and things.

Meanwhile, Sofia had a blast, because my friend has pet RATS! Sofia loves anything furry, and does not know to be afraid of anything!

She had fun in gymnastics that afternoon, and then we ran some errands while the boys were in their therapy sessions. Quiet evening at home

Thursday I was really tired - both Micah and Sofia had been in my room much of the night. So I stayed still and watched more episodes of "Firefly". I worked my way through the entire series this week on DVD. Need to get the "Serenity" movie.

Oh, but first, Sofia had a dentist appointment first thing in the morning, and then we were back in the afternoon for the boys' cleanings. Sofia was a riot, trying out every chair and bossing the boys around. But I was exhausted by the end of the appointment.

When sitter arrived, I left, but since my class was cancelled, I got to go to dinner with my friend R. Yum. Then strolled the bookstore for a while.

Today Sofia did not have school (Professional Development), so we went to Starbucks with two of my friends after drop-off. Then I took her over to one of the local pet stores, because I had forgotten to put on her ID tag and wanted to get another one. Had a little problem, because I asked 4 times while paying if the tag machine could do both sides, and then when I asked HOW (as it was engraving the first side), stupid clerk said "Oh, it doesn't do 2 sides!". Grr. But manager was nice and gave us a re-do so I could put more important info (her name, my cell phone, her birthday).

Then we wandered in the pet store, looking at all the animals. As Sofia communed with the smaller dogs in doggy daycare through the glass, I had a nice chat with the manager, who has a 23 year old sister with CP. Nice conversation about the gifts of having someone with Special Needs in the family!

Oh, and another rewarding thing this week. Heard from a friend down in Louisiana (work friend of one of the dads from the day school), who has a 4 month old with DS. Baby is going in for AV Canal (heart) surgery next week, and he wanted to connect with other families. I sent out an email to my list, and got tons of replies already. Thank you to everyone who offered to connect with the family! I love my DS Mommies!

Had a nice Shabbos dinner at S&R's house tonight. Sofia even let S help her into pajamas while Sam and R and I played Scrabble. And of course Micah had a blast with his buddy.

Shul tomorrow, and Sofia has a birthday party Sunday morning (and another Monday afternoon). Need play dates for boys! David comes home Sunday afternoon. Yeah!

G'night, all!