Friday, January 8, 2010


Well, that horrible sinus infection I thought I had turned out to be Shingles! She thinks we caught it early, so now I'm on an anti-viral med. Feel yuchy. Head hurts - it's right above my right eye.

The interview was horrible. I found out today that the guy was actually very impressed with me, but I certainly did not get that feeling while sitting there! And basically, it comes down to whether Sofia is ready or not, and I really do not think she is. She is still wearing pull-ups, and she still wanders too much.

So I called today to decline. I guess it was good to find out that he DID like me, but I felt so demoralized by the end of the interview. I knew going in that he was an intimidating guy; I've met him at Micah's Family Nights. People do like him, he's supposedly a nice guy, but I was terrified. And insecure. And unsure as to whether I should even be there.

So back to my regular summer - drive Micah to the bus, drive Sofia to preschool, try to get some swimming done, and otherwise shuffle my kids around. But at least we'll get to take a vacation. And Sam and Sofia will both be able to go to Summer School. Sam will have 3 full weeks of Summer School after he gets back from sleep-away camp.

Cleaning ladies came today; AHHHHHH. I love my house when it is clean. Which hasn't happened since December 21. And believe me, my kids sure can dirty up a house!

Sam had a terrible day in school, bumped his head a few times, had a misunderstanding with some friends, and just generally was not happy. So of course, in the car on the way home, he launched into a tirade, and then Micah had to get in on the act, claiming that he hates his life.

Sigh. At my physical this morning, we talked about my little Special Needs family. I manage to juggle all of it, but REALLY, why do they need to come up with more complaints???

It could always be worse, of course. I just delivered a meal to a family with a sick dad, and another friend's husband is really not doing well, with cancer. So while we may have a lot of junk to deal with, we DEAL with it. Gratefully. It could always be worse.