Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My eye hurts. Really itches. But at least everything else is getting better. The skin rash is getting better, the lymph node is not as swollen. I was even able to sleep with that side of my head down last night.

But I'm tired, and sore. It hurts to blink because my eye is so itchy, so then I don't blink as much and the muscles hurt from holding.

And I did not sleep well last night, since first Sam came in with a bad dream and proceeded to shuffle and fidget in my bed for 20 minutes, and then Sofia-the-homing-pigeon came and pushed him out.

But at least we took it easy today. After I dropped her off, I went to the coffee shop and then the library and worked on my Masters project for a while. The more I try to organize the articles I already have, the more I find. I'm drowning in interesting articles. I just have to figure out which are actually relevant!

I also came across an interesting newsletter, "Disability Solutions," and the Volume Four issue is all about "Wandering in Children with Down Syndrome". Very interesting, nice to know I'm not alone, and some good suggestions.

After I picked up Sofia today, she plunked in front of a movie and I sat in my favorite chair and read. When the babysitter arrived, my darling daughter kicked me out of the house. I had arranged a playdate for Micah, so Sam and I went shopping. He got a new helmet, this time a "multi-sport", and a "fake" snowboard. He is SOOOO happy!

I get to take my boys to dinner tonight, but this time I think Friendly's rather than sushi. Then sleep.

I had an interesting moment with Sofia again today. When I came upstairs, I saw that she had invaded one of the junk boxes on my dresser. I said "Oh! BAD!". She froze, and would not look directly at me, but focused on "Hug. Hug."

I simply cannot scold her, because she gets so focused on being scolded that she won't listen to the actual problem. Ideas?


Tracy said...

I just came across the Disability Solutions Newsletters too. They have some interesting ones on Apraxia. Just finished copying two of them myself. I will have to check out the one you mention too. Glad to hear that you are starting to feel a little better. Can you have a reoccurence of shingles, or is it a one time thing?