Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm so tired of this!

We made it trhough the weekend, but just barely. Sofia was really out of it all day Friday, and we just had a quiet evening Friday night. Micah was feeling better, and Sam was a little better, but not perfect.

Saturday we took it easy. David took the boys out for a while, and Sofia and I rested. She didn't throw up again, although she was still definitely not feeling well.

In the evening, I had to read Megillah for Purim. David stayed home with Sofia while I took the boys to shul. Evening was ok.

But got home, and David started throwing up.

I had to go back to shul to read on Sunday morning. Since David was flat-out, I took Sofia with me (the boys could stay home and watch TV and not bother daddy). Poor Sofia was still not feeling well, and while I was reading, I had to hold her. She was clutching me and sobbing the whole time. Complained that her ears hurt.

Got her home, managed to get her to sleep with dada, and I took the boys back to shul for the Purim Carnival. They had a good time. Micah and his buddies pool their tickets, Sam and his classmates pooled their reward points. And they all sent each other to "jail" repeatedly.

Got home after 2pm, and Sofia and David were still sleeping. When she finally woke up, she was definitely better, although still stuffy and tugging her ear. But finally eating, and bouncier.

Had to help Sam with his homework Sunday night, which was a bit of a challenge, since he had a freak-out about how much work he had. But we got it done.

Monday morning, they ALL went to school. Whew. David and I had an appointment, and then I called the pediatrician about Sofia's ears. So I had to pick her up early from preschool and bring her in. Switched her meds from amoxicillin to azithromycin, and I have to keep putting wax-removal drops in her ears, which are totally blocked.

Ok. Back to the boys' school, where Sam was in the Hebrew Purim play, as a guard. I could tell he wasn't feeling great, but every time I've been into the pediatrician's office for Sofia, I've asked abotu Sam, and there's nothing they can do.

So we had an easy afternoon yesterday. This morning, however, all three of them were in our bed when we woke up. And all three were hacking like crazy. I took them on a "field trip" to the bathroom, where we steamed up the shower, and I brought the nebulizer in and passed around a saline neb to all three kids. It was a bit surreal.

Off to school, all three. And I FINALLY went to the gym! (Tried to go yesterday morning, but couldn't find my gym pants when I got there...) Sofia is finally doing much much better. And the temp was above 40 all day, so I had all the windows open in the house, and Sofia and I spent some tie outside, fixing the mailbox and walking around.

Babysitter arrived, and I went to get the boys. Poor Sam was totally drained when I got to school. Micah was bouncing off the walls. I let him play, made Sam walk around a bit, and then Sam had his therapy appointment. Took Micah to the Christmas Tree Shop to waste time. Picked up Sam, and off to Tae Kwan Do (we missed two weeks).

Sam did make it through class, but could not manage dodge ball, which he usually loves. He was about ready to fall asleep as soon as we got in the car.

Usually I take the boys out to dinner on Tuesdays, but since Sam was so beat, we just stopped at Trader Joe's and got a variety of Indian and Italian items we could make at home. Yummy food.

But when we got home, I took Sam's temp. 101.5.


Babysitter is coming at 8am tomorrow, to stay with Sam and take Sofia to preschool (David's in Michigan). I have Whimsical Wednesday program (preschool program at the day school). Then I'll have sitter meet me with Sam at the pediatrician...

I am SO VERY TIRED of this!

And I feel really bad, because there have been a whole bunch of advocacy things that have come up recently that I have totally not been able to participate in. Some of our on-line friends have entries in the National Down Syndrome Congress's More Alike Than Different poster contest. Yesterday there was a Stroller-In at the State House to protest the proposed cuts to Early Intervention.

I just want my family to be HEALTHY already.

I did manage to work a little on my thesis this weekend, though (once with the laptop on my lapp and Sofia cuddled up next to me on the chair). It's going to be too long. I have A LOT of material!