Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday night

I've been upstairs with the younger two, listening to David "help" Samuel with his Torah homework...for the past HOUR. Poor Sam. David is really pushing him, but they are having a good conversation about the two portions (every week, Sam has to do a Summary and Commentary on two Torah portions. By the end of the school year, they will have each completed their own "Torah". Very cool project.)


The nice weather continued I think until Thursday. I got work done on my thesis, and finally managed to get my training session at the gym, the one where they tell you how to properly use each piece of equipment.

Also got another cold on Thursday. My nose has been horribly stuffed since then. Ugh. This is getting really silly.

Friday, I had my Masters Seminar again. Interesting. Most of the other students have not even started writing, and I'm at 54 pages already. We spent the class time editing each other's titles and Abstracts.

Had friends over for dinner Friday, nice time. But I also had an allergic reaction to something...maybe the wine... and had to take a Benadryl, so I practically passed out right after they left.

Slept late Saturday. There was a private lunch after shul, and it's really hard to explain those to Sofia. She just assumes that after services, we all eat. So we didn't go.

In the afternoon, we all got in the car and drove out to the Berkshires. Took Route 2, which is more of a back road. Very pretty, even in the rain. I also got to take a long nap (more Benadryl). Met up with David's parents (and Lilie) at the house, and then went out to dinner. It was snowing out there, up on the mountain. Really pretty, although dark and slippery too. Had a nice evening. Piling the 4 kids into the restaurant, along with my inlaws, made us look like The Circus. Very lively, indeed.

Today, David took the kids to a science event at the day school while I got to go to a birthday brunch for my friend RG. Fun time. Came home, picked up Micah and took him shoe shopping, then picked up Sam and his classmate from a birthday party. More shoe shopping, picked up take-out Chinese food, dropped off classmate, and finally home.

Micah's been having a rough time. He's very very smart, but emotionally immature and very sensitive. It's been a rough few days, as he gets into fights with me or David or Sam and then, after he calms down, gets mad at himself. Poor kid. I wish I could help him more. He is very good at things, but as soon as an activity gets too difficult, like piano or Tae Kwan Do, he wants to quit. At the last chess tournament, he kept saying he lost because he "just didn't want to try very hard."

My nose is still horribly stuffy. Sam's singing in the shower. Micah put Sofia to sleep (I tried 3 times, but she kept coming back out of her room).

Ok, time for David to catch up on LOST episodes. G'night y'all.