Sunday, March 7, 2010

Made it through the weekend

Well, I'm pleased to say that the Zithromax seems to have worked. Micah's fine, and Sam's improving. He's still got a cough, but it's not nearly as bad as it was. He went back to school on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday night I got to go to dinner with my friend K, which was nice, but we were both exhausted and went home early.

Friday was the usual business. I took Micah to school, grabbed some groceries, then raced back to pick up Sam from the public school and get him up to school. Worked on my capstone project at this nice coffee shop in town until it was time to get Sofia.

After we got the boys from school, all three kids got haircuts, and then home. We got ready for Shabbat Across America, a big dinner at shul. However, Sam totally barfed (all over the floor, right NEXT to the toilet) right before we left. But he felt better after that; I think he just needed to get something out!

Ok, so off to shul. Micah was in A MOOD. Had a knit hat and dark sunglasses, and a major attitude. Sofia had no interest in sitting still for services. And David was stuck deep inside the row, so he couldn't go chase Micah.

(We are watching "Back to the Future" right now, and my husband can recite EVERY line...he's scaring me a bit).

Anyway, dinner at shul ended up being nice. Sofia actually went up to the caterer and said "Want Ice Pop Please"! She's been doing really well with want-____-please phrases.

Got home late, and we slept in on Saturday. I got up to feed the kids, but napped on the couch. We finally got up and out after noon. David and the kids went to his office and I went to the gym (which is in the same building complex). Then I hung out with them in the office...for hours....

Saturday evening we took the kids out to dinner, and then my friend D and I went to a thingy for one of the moms from school. Hard to explain. Sort of a birthday party/empowering event. But I had nice conversations with some friends.

Today was busy. David and Micah had to leave early for a chess tournament, which turned out to take about 6 hours and a lot of frustration. I took Sam and Sofia shopping, then home, then to shul, 'cause I had to sing in the choir for the Hazzanapalooza concert. It was a little crazy, trying to practice while hoping Sam was watching Sofia.

But I had such a fun time singing (and I somehow ended up stage-managing the choir into position; I learned from the best, the guy who stage manages The Zamir Chorale). I really like to sing. I really really like to sing!

David arrived about 25 minutes after the concert started, grabbed the kids, and took Sam to his friend's birthday party at the arcade. I raced over as soon as the concert was done. Had some nice talks with friends.

Take-out sushi tonight, and the kids are all asleep. We'll be asleep as soon as the movie is over!