Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pretty Day

Finally, nice weather has arrived. It's been above 50 for several days now (down into the 20s at night, though). Really a welcome change.

Today, Sam's class had a Publishing Party first thing this morning. Sam wrote about Nurses, of all things. It was interesting. He did a good job. His friend had a very funny piece about "judging a book by its cover", which I think I should put in the Yearbook. They are a talented class.

After the Publishing Party, we had a meeting with the Principal to discuss plans for the Upper Grades. Sam's class will be the first to reach 6th grade next year (the school only started in 2003), so we really are the pioneers.

I kept Sofia out of school today, both because of all the stuff at the day school, and because she was very stuffy-nosed again. She fell asleep yesterday at 4:30, and slept through the night (except for coming into my bed at 11:30, and then moving all night!). I think she might have a problem with sleep apnea. I need to get her into the clinic at Children's Hospital to have that evaluated.

But since it was a nice day, after we finally left the day school at 10 am, we went to a playground, and stayed for a few hours. She had a blast. Her friend from gymnastics showed up, too, and that was cute to see them calling to each other. It was fun to just hang at the playground and chat with other moms. Three other girls named Sofia, too!

Sitter arrived 2:30 and I went to get Sam. Micah had a play date with his buddy, so Sam and I did some research on his Egypt project. He's making an ancient Egpytian boat. Had to find "art straw"; we ended up with a big straw "flower" arrangement that we'll cut.

Tae Kwan Do, and then Friendly's for dinner. SSSSSLLLLLOOOOOWWWW service today!

Ok, LOST tonight!

Oh, here's how Micah went to shul last Friday night for the dinner:


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