Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ahhhhhh, Relaxed

Yes, impossible as it may sound, I actually RELAXED this weekend!

Of course, first I started out with Friday's Great Tire Fiasco, and two extra kids, and a husband freaking out about which medical bills have been submitted for reimbursement.

But Saturday at 9:30 am, I was packed and out of the house. Nice drive - in the grown-up car, of course - on a very easy and mostly empty road (395). Arrived at Foxwoods by 11am.

Too early to get into the room, so after I checked us in, I parked and took the shuttle over to the main buildings. Met up with my friend C, who was there with her husband, kids, and her parents and her mother-in-law. Apparently lots of Comping involved. Cool.

Walked with them a bit, and then headed over to the Spa at the MGM Grand.

I would like to MOVE INTO the Spa at the MGM Grand.

I would like to LIVE THERE.


Let's see. First I got into my assigned robe and slippers. Took my book ("Radical Judaism" by Rabbi Arthur Green) and sat in the sauna for a bit. Dunked my feet in the hot tub. Sat poolside (indoor pool, but near a bit of a breeze from outside).



So soundly that when C came to bring me her spare bathing suit, she could not wake me up.

Really Soundly.

Woke up about an hour later. Refreshed.

Found C, who made me come work out with her before she would surrender the bathing suit. So we did the ellipticals. Which were waaaay cool because I could plug my iPod into the machine and have my movie show up on the larger screen of the elliptical. Nice. I can handle that.

Back for a dip in the cool pool, then back to sauna and hot tub. Shower and dress.


Met up with C and her family for lunch (THANK YOU DAD!), and my college chums caught up with us there (they were the people I was really supposed to be with - I didn't find out that C and her family would be there until Thursday).

So now it was me, R, S&S, and we took the shuttle back to our room, rested a bit and then dressed for the evening. Drove over to Mohegan Sun. Which was PACKED. Mobbed. Very Crowded.

We were going there in order to see the free concert by Todd Rundgren in the Wolf Pit. But when I arrived, at 6:20, there were already about 250 people in line.

So I waited. And the girls waited around me. But ultimately, we were about 20 people away from the door when they finally (at 8:30, half an hour after the concert started) let us know it was totally full.


But fortunately you can hear the entire concert quite nicely from outside the Wolf Pit, so I hung on the railing by the door for about an hour. However, the girls had had enough, and took off to eat dinner, so eventually I met up with them at the buffet. So I had to miss half the concert. But I'm glad I saw and heard as much as I did.

Hung out at Mohegan until about 11:30. I had to drive us back in S's car because her leg was hurting badly (childhood arthritis, very severe). So I drove this boat of a Grand Marquis. Ok, I'm getting spoiled by my husband and our addiction to Top Gear. Can't believe I drove a Grand Marquis. Reminded me of the tank (aka 73 Ford LTD) I drove in high school.

Since I'd slept so nicely in the afternoon, I stayed up late working on the yearbook (love my laptop!), but we all slept in this morning. Breakfast buffet at the hotel, then back to the main casino at Foxwood. S was the only gambler, really. The rest of us did a few $0.25 slots, won a tiny bit (I'm up about $17 total). Mostly we walked around and shopped and people-watched.

In the MacAppeal store, where I'd gone to get a free flash drive by buying the software I had intended to order online (upgrading iLife on the desktop machine), I ended up playing Apple Genius for a nice Indian gentleman who had no idea how to use his iTouch, and who then wanted to know what computer to buy. It was fun.

The girls left around 3:30, and I had a salad back at the hotel and got a lot more work done on the yearbook before driving home.

Kids climbed all over me when they saw me. And Sofia got bounced into the corner of my desk; she's gonna have a black eye tomorrow. Poor baby.