Friday, April 9, 2010

Finally, a New Blog Post!

Sorry it's taken so long. We did not have Internet at the apartment in Florida, and I never really had a chance to go sit at Panera and type.

Florida was busy, but fun. Sunday when we landed, we stoped to see my grandmother for an hour, then came down to the apartment in Hallendale. Had to go shopping for cleaning supplies and dust the whole place. I also went to Kosher Kingdom in Aventura, erev-erev Pesach. It was INSANE.

Got groceries, got the apartment set up, and settled in. Monday we went to my friend Brenda's for a while (friend since 7th grade), then came home to prep for seder. First seder was at her cantor's house. Florida seders are a lot more laid back than Massachusetts seders. The seder was on the Patio, with the swimming pool standing in for Red Sea. A little disorganized, but nice people and delicious food.

Second seder was at Brenda's, also more relaxed, lots of people, lots of kids, lots of fun. And I finally got to meet Dori and Aviva, who I have known online since I was pregnant with Sofia!

The rest of the week was a whirlwind. Swimming in the pool and at the beach, shopping, playing, resting, visiting. Sunday morning we drove up to Disney, went to Epcot one day and Magic Kingdom the next. I saw more adults crying at Epcot than kids...

Stopped on the way back from there to see Mike & Tracy - I've known Mike since 7th grade, too, and it was great to see them.

Tuesday was lots and lots of laundry and packing up the apartment. We bought a lot of sheets and towels, so hopefully we'll be back soon!

I put a photo page up here.

Got home midnight Tuesday, took kids to school with glee on Wednesday. Last night, David and I had a chance to get together with friends, which was very fun. Today, just as I was driving back to pick up Sofia from preschool, I got a flat tire, and spent the next 5 hours waiting for two replacement tires and a rotation and alignment. Thankfully David picked up Sofia and brought her to my friend's house, and same friend picked up the boys.

Now we are home. I also have 2 extra kids tonight, but for now everyone is relaxing. I'm off to Foxwoods tomorrow with college chums, leaving David with the kiddos.

Many profound thoughts to share, but I can't think straight now...