Friday, April 30, 2010

My LIttle Ambassador

Thursday afternoon, Sofia and I had the extreme pleasure of welcoming a new family into the Down Syndrome community. Little A was born last Friday. Mom has known since 11 weeks that this princess would have "designer genes", and we spoke about 6 weeks ago. Kindred spirit, this one.

So we visited, these otherwise complete strangers, now part of the family. SUCH a beautiful baby. (I know, all babies - and brides - are beautiful, but certainly some more than others, and from what I've seen, our little "specials" are extra beautiful when they arrive.)

Sofia loved the baby, but settled for exploring older sister's toys. I got to hold the tiny package (although she was bigger than any of my three kids at birth!) the whole time. Scrumptious!

I love this part, showing off Sofia, who certainly 'shows' well, and talking to new moms. It's certainly not something I'd ever planned on doing, but boy, am I glad I have this opportunity!

And talking to the mom is bringing back all sorts of memories of our first year or two with Sofia (both in utero and out). Like when my friend A didn't realize until Sofia was almost 18 months old that Sofia had Down syndrome - and this was someone we saw nearly every day! Or when our friends joined us for the Buddy Walk but the kids - who had vacationed with us that summer - wanted to know if there was something wrong with Sofia that we needed to Walk for.

She's busy destroying my clean house now. I can only barely remember life before this amazing child arrived. I'm so madly in love with her.